Tips on how to take care of a laptop to make it durable without any damage – Tips on how to take care of a laptop to make it durable without any damage. Caring for a new laptop or an old laptop is actually the same. Both have weak points in terms of damage and you have to take good care of these electronic devices so that they don’t get damaged easily.

Maintaining a laptop is different from maintaining a computer, if the computer wants to clean the dust and so on, you can remove the casing without suspecting the damage to our hands. It is different if you are a laptop user, it will definitely be difficult to clean for laptop maintenance.

As for why your laptop gets damaged and overheats quickly, it turns out that this is what makes your laptop so.

  • Dust enters through a fan or fan under the laptop.
  • Dust enters through the keyboard, how does that happen? Laptop keyboards have small cavities that dust can get into.
  • The laptop can almost be laying down until it makes a sound. This can impair the function of the hard drive.
  • I was shocked when riding a motorcycle or even jogging (this is very fatal).
  • Forgot to turn on antivirus (both windows defender and other antivirus).

The above are some of the reasons we are not aware that cause laptop damage, so always be careful when carrying a laptop while driving.

How to take care of a laptop with Byak

Laptop maintenance is optional because as a user you have to be smart in taking care of these electronic items. This device can be damaged at any time due to your carelessness and negligence. Remember that laptop parts are expensive.

Now to fix the price tag so it doesn’t drain your pocket. Follow my tips on how to protect your laptop from damage quickly. In my experience, I will say here.

1. Clean junk files

If it is really difficult to open the laptop and perform any operations (editing, browsing, watching movies) and it is slow, then it is better to use a method to clean the files up to that point. You can read about it in the previous article on how to clean junk files on windows.

I made the tutorial, so you just have to do it according to my procedure. You can clean it with the app and without the app, it’s optional.

2. Turn off the laptop when not in use

Close the screen tightly so that flying dust in the house does not enter the keyboard, which could damage the laptop.

This can cause your laptop to overheat quickly and your laptop won’t perform as well as before.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to turn off your laptop when it is not in use. Don’t forget this even if you’ve only been gone for a short while because invisible dust can enter silently without us noticing.

3. Better shutdown or sleep?

Both have their good and bad jobs. If you only want to go in less than an hour, your laptop is asleep. This way, even your hardware performance doesn’t have to open Windows.

You know that the initial boot time of the laptop will run as much as possible to immediately process the data in storage that requires high performance.

4. Use antivirus

I am using Windows defender as it does not overburden my laptop.

But if you want to install smadav or avast or others, that’s okay because you are looking for a safe way so that your laptop is not infected with viruses that spread through flash drives and when you surf the Internet.

For example, if you have Smadav, it will be difficult when you first load your laptop into the main screen. Now it can be disabled through the task manager. There you can set whether or not to shutdown SmadAV on startup.

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