Tips / How to withdraw Tokocrypto to DANA

Cryptocurrency is one of the favorite activities of Millennials and Generation Z. As a generation that trades more through cryptocurrencies, it is not surprising that many investors want to withdraw funds immediately to fund their accounts, OVO, Gopay and others.

As one of the most comprehensive digital asset exchange providers in Indonesia, Tokocrypto offers investors various ways to withdraw funds. This time I will explain how Tokocrypto is funded.

Understand this when making a withdrawal on Tokocrypto

In Tokocrypto, you can invest about 200 coins. However, first you need to transfer your Tokocrypto balance to BIDR (Binance IDR) so that it can be cashed out through the bank. It should also be noted that fees for withdrawing assets differ in Tokocrypto. For BTC, LTC and some other coins, the withdrawal fee is dynamic.

Meanwhile, the Crypto/BIDR transaction fee is 0.1% of the total amount charged for each transaction. For example, if you have a balance in the form of ETH, you should check the amount first when you transfer it to BIDR so that you don’t miscalculate it later when you receive your payment. Also, don’t forget to keep in mind the withdrawal fee.

How much money does Tokocrypto attract?

As for the withdrawal fee, Tokocrypto only charges IDR 5,500. However, before you can withdraw your balance with Tokocrypto, you need to be familiar with some of the applicable withdrawal conditions. One of the most important points is the Know Your Customer (Know Your Customer) level. What is know your customer? Simply put, investment service providers need to know who they are dealing with. This means anticipating the misuse of investment services as a basis for money laundering, smuggling and other illegal crimes.

TokoCrypto has two levels of KYC with different benefits. The higher your KYC level, the more credible you will be in big deals. At the first level of your Customer Identity (KYC), the requirements are to provide real and accurate personal information according to ID cards, send photo ID and video recordings. This is to ensure that the investor is responsible for the funds and accounts used in the transaction. In addition, KYC Level 1 holders are required to deposit a minimum of IDR 50,000.

If you are trading at a high volume, upgrade your account to KYC level 2 requirements. To achieve this status, you need to make an average of 250,000,000 trades per day. Tokocrypto’s withdrawal limits are also KYC dependent. For Level 1 KYC, the minimum withdrawal is IDR 100,000 and the maximum withdrawal: IDR 250,000,000/day. Meanwhile, the Tokocrypto Level 2 KYC account sets the minimum withdrawal amount: IDR 100,000 and the maximum withdrawal amount: IDR. 5,000,000 per day.

Guide to withdraw Tokocrypto balance to DANA

You now understand the requirements for withdrawing Tokocrypto balance, the maximum amount of fees and withdrawals. Next, open the Tokocrypto app and follow these steps.

Inform your e-wallet account

  • Click the Wallet menu, then click Withdraw or Click Here
  • Select “IDR” and then click “Add Account”
  • You will find the “Bank Name” menu, select the appropriate bank, then enter the “Account Number” of your bank.
  • After that, select the “Next” button, so that your account number is stored in the system.
  • Make sure that there are no errors in filling in the account number and recipient name, so that the withdrawal process goes smoothly without a hitch.

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