TikTok: Who is Sam Postar? why Users are calling for his ban?

Tiktok has given fame to quite a lot of its customers together with the one which’s these days going viral to make him banned on the platform and that’s Sam Postar. Yes, Sam Postar is making quite a lot of buzz on TikTok and customers have been reacting to him another way. As there’s a requirement to get him banned over TikTok. But why are TikTok customers demanding his ban over the app?

Read forward to know extra about TikToker Sam Postar and customers demanding his ban on TikTok.

Who is Sam Postar on tiktok?

Ever since TikTok got here into existence, we acquired quite a few stars evolving out of it. As we noticed Addison Rae, D’Amelio sisters, and all. While lots of them are getting immense help from their followers. Some of them go viral on TikTok for causes in any other case.


Sam Postar too is such a TikToker who’s having his TikTok account non-public. However, nonetheless he has round 3 million followers of him on TikTok. But these days, there was quite a lot of buzz about Sam. As customers are giving reactions to him that’s stunning to look at.

Tiktoker Sam Postar going viral over tiktok

Tiktok star Sam Postar is definitely going viral on TikTok with tens of millions of followers of him on TikTok. In truth, alongside being a personal account. The hashtag “sampostar” has been seen at the very least 9 million occasions. Not simply that we’ve got seen many different movies on Sam Postar trending loads.

What’s going viral on the app is definitely customers posting movies on Sam Poster. Mentioning it as “How is Sam Postar not banned?”. Users have been giving reactions to the TikToker making it extra viral as of late. But why are they searching for the ban?


#greenscreen don’t tag him he may unfollow me #fyp#samposter♬ original sound – Manwithoutabrain

Users response on tiktoker Sam Postar

While there have been efforts to know for the way lengthy Sam has been lively on the app. The account of him being non-public hasn’t given any trace on his potential presence of him on the app. Yet as per sure experiences, his contents are one thing that’s not appropriate. However, customers utilizing the hashtag Sam Postar have been making their movies go viral loads.

Meanwhile, attributable to all these hashtags and movies on banning Sam from TikTok. Postar has actually change into much more viral than earlier than whereas there stays quite a lot of information nonetheless to find out about Postar.

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