Tiger Museum Admission Fee 2022, Opening Hours & Location

The Macan Museum is one of the places for art exhibitions as well as a vacation spot in Jakarta which is currently loved by many tourists. Here you can find tens or even hundreds of high-level works of art created by domestic and foreign artists.

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Opening hours: 10.00 – 14.00 WIB (Morning Session) – 14.00 – 19.00 WIB (Afternoon Session)
Ticket price: Rp. 100.000/Person (Adult) – Rp. 90.000/Person (Student) – Rp. 80.000/Person (Children)
Contact: (021) 22121888
Address: Jln. Struggle No. 5, Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta.
Public facilities: Parking Areas, Toilets, Luggage Storage, Clinics, Places of Worship, Baby Care Rooms, Coffee Shopdll.
Access Road: Well
Store: Ada
Online Maps: View Maps

Jakarta has many choices of tourist attractions that tourists can visit.

In addition to natural tourism-themed attractions such as mountain tours, waterfalls, flower gardens, and so on, Jakarta also has several tourist attractions with the theme of art and culture.

One of the tourist attractions in Jakarta that carries the concept of art and cultural tourism in question is the Museum of Modern And Contemporary Art in Nusantara or better known as the Macan Museum.

If you are a lover of works of art or things that are full of cultural values, then this place is not to be missed.

So, what are the interesting things that you can find in this tourist spot in Jakarta? Come on, see the full review below.

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via instagram/museummacan
via instagram/museummacan

Museum Macan

This place is one of the tourist attractions that is always crowded with tourists, both from Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia.

Not only adult tourists, millennials it turns out that many people like this place because of some
spot the art exhibition in it is enough instagramable
as a photo location.

Art exhibition events are usually held in a not so long time.

For example, in 2018, this museum held an exhibition of works of art created by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama for 5 months, from May 2018 to September 2018.

This is the tradition in this place. After the exhibition of artwork by an artist is over, at another time the artworks on display will be replaced with works of art from other artists.

This is what makes the works of art that are always there fresh and not boring.

But don’t assume that after the exhibition is over, the museum will be empty.

Of course, in this museum there are still hundreds of works of art that fill the museum permanently. The number is currently recorded at no less than 800 works of art created by world-class artists.

The works of art on display are not only the works of artists from Indonesia. In fact, 50 percent of the total artwork in the museum is the creation of foreign artists.

Some foreign artists whose works you can find there include Yayoi Kusama from Japan, On Kaware from Japan, Lee Mingwei from Taiwan, and Arahmaiani from America.

Location Address

This museum is located in a strategic place. This museum is located on Jln. Struggle No. 5, Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta.

If you have been to Kidzania Jakarta, then you only need about 15 minutes drive to get to the Museum. Or if you’ve been to the Jakarta Aquarium, then the distance will be closer, which is only about 13 Kilometers there.

Meanwhile, if you access it from the center of the capital city of Jakarta, the travel time is only about 25 minutes by driving 15.3 kilometers.

Then regarding the means of transportation that you can use, apart from private vehicles, you can also use public transportation such as trains or Transjakarta.

If you use the train, then after arriving at Palmerah station, you can continue the final journey to the museum using an online motorcycle taxi.

Then if you go there using Transjakarta, the route is from the Harmoni department to Lebak Bulus, and get off at the Kebon Jeruk Busway stop. Well from here, you only need to walk as far as 300 meters to arrive at the location.

For those of you who need a map of the location and route, below is a map of the location of the Macan Museum that we took from Google Maps.

Available Facilities

In addition to facilities in the form of tourist rides such as an art exhibition area, in this place, of course, there are also several public facilities.

Public facilities available include parking areas, toilets, luggage storage areas, clinics, places of worship, baby care rooms, and coofee shop.

In addition, here you can also find facilities to make it easier for visitors disabled in the form of wheelchair access, and also stroller access if you come with small children.

Also, in this museum, there are shops selling various kinds of items that you can make gifts for your family at home such as souvenirto books on arts and culture.

Instagramable Spots

Here are some rides or spot interesting and instagramable which you can find there.

Dots Obsession

Spot it contains artwork created by Yayoi Kusama. The object is several yellow balls with a fairly large size, the surface of which is decorated with black polka dots.
Spot This is not only attractive to the eye, but also quite unique as a photo location.

My Eternal Soul

In this area there are about 500 paintings that were also made by Yayoi Kusama. Paintings patterned with unique pictures that exist in spot My
Eternal Soul
this is also very beautiful if made background photo.

Infinity Mirrored Room

Of all spot available, spot Infinity Mirrored this is usually always crowded with visitors.

Spot this is real instagenic. Here you will find a dark room, whose walls are filled with glass and colorful balls.

The mirror is arranged in such a way, producing an infinite number of glowing ball images. Photos produced in spot This is of course very beautiful and unique.

But unfortunately, you have to really take advantage of the time when entering this area. because, each visitor is only given about 20 seconds to be inside Infinity
Mirrored Room

Obliteration Room

Spot this is also actually no less beautiful than spot
Infinity Mirrored Room
. Here you can take pictures with background a room whose walls are painted white, decorated with various shapes and colors of stickers.

The Letter Writing Project

Different from spot
which are generally more interesting as a place to take pictures. Spot The Letter Writing Project which is the work of Lee Mingwei offers something very unique.

As the name implies, here you will find lots of letters written by visitors, which are said to be sent to the destination address by the museum if visitors want it.

Meanwhile, if the visitor does not want his letter sent or a letter written without a destination address, then the letters will be left to be read by other visitors.

Opening hours

The museum is open every day for tourist visits. As for the time of the visit, the manager implemented two sessions, namely the morning session starting at 10.00 – 14.00 WIB, and the afternoon session starting at 14.00 – 19.00 WIB.

Price of admission

The price of admission tickets that must be purchased by visitors may seem a bit expensive for some people. But believe me, the nominal will be comparable to what you can find inside.

Currently, to enter tourist sites, you must buy a ticket with the following price details:

  • Adult Ticket – Rp. 100,000 per person
  • Student Ticket – Rp. 90,000 per person
  • Child Ticket – Rp. 80,000 per person

You can buy tickets directly at the counter, or by ordering online online via the official website.

Jakarta is indeed rich in unique and interesting vacation spots. If you are in Jakarta and don’t want to go far out of town, then spending your holiday by visiting the Jakarta Macan Museum is the right choice and idea.

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