This Woman Teaches An Easy Way To Make A ‘Custom Sticker Label’, Only With A Capital Of RM2.10

When there is a way to do sticker this, the work is easier and tidier. Plus to be used as labels or name stickers for school children’s books and so on.

So, SK wants to share with you all about tips to make sticker in a simple way and according to our own tastes. This interesting sharing was shared by a Facebook user, Ezzaty Liyana.

“I just want to share something that not many people know it looks like easy peasy, I want to make this CUSTOM STICKER LABEL. EL show me step by step yes. I’m so happy to make this sticker. Can be pasted on school books or children’s stationery.

“DIY itself with a capital of RM2.10 is definitely an item from Eco Shop,” said Ezzaty through a share on his Facebook page.

“With a capital of RM2.10, a packet has 15 sheets. 15 x 55 pcs stickers per sheet can be in 800+ pcs, ”added Ezzaty.

Come on, follow the simple steps below to create a beautiful sticker label according to your own taste.

1. Open Microsoft Word

2. Click “MAILING” and “LABELS”

3. Then, click “OPTIONS”

4. Select “NEW LABEL”

5. Name your sticker template. This woman’s remark 4141 **** is actually the barcode sticker. So, last time it was easy to just buy the same barcode.

6. Tukar page size to “CUSTOM”.

7. Page width and page height are the size of your sticker paper. Make sure measure with a ruler.

8. Calculate the top margin and side margin readings. If possible, don’t round. Let it be 0.25cm like that. Do not round to 0.3cm. Margin will run later.

This is how to measure the top and side margins can refer to the picture and arrow.

9. Enter the label ‘height and width’. The size of this label is the size of your sticker.

You can on the white box box and refer to the arrow, how to measure.

For your reference, ‘Vert’ is the size from the top sticker to the bottom sticker. Meanwhile, ‘Hor’ is the size from the start of the left sticker to the start of the right sticker.

Can refer to the arrow for more details.

11. This ‘across and down’ number is most important so that the distance of your sticker does not run away. You have to calculate exactly.

You can refer to this info, ‘Num across’ is the number of stickers from left to right while ‘Num down’ is the number of stickers from top to bottom.

12. Once you are ready to enter the size, click OK.

13. The address room, type what you want to print on the sticker.

14. If you want to change the text or size, just right click. Make sure you select “FULL PAGE”. Then click ‘Print’.

As a reminder, this woman ordered the public to print first on plain paper before printing it on the sticker paper. So, good luck trying you all. Hopefully useful.

Source: Ezzaty Liyana

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