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Undeniably. Malaysians are quite synonymous with mamak shops. No matter the time in the morning, noon or night, must be the tone of the customer at the mamak shop.

Sit down, order, less than 5 minutes for water to arrive. Sometimes, food arrives earlier than water. But, these are not all shops. Sometimes, the food is about to run out and not necessarily the food has arrived.

Apart from the food, the water in this mamak tastes kind of delicious. Even if you try to imitate as close as possible to the house, you will not be able to feel the same. The cashier is the cashier, although sometimes he is on duty to wipe the table and take orders. The roti canai spreader, he only works for 29 hours to spread roti canai. He didn’t go frying maggi. Make water, all water works like that, he manages. Not moving from the water counter.

Everyone knows that mamak shops and Malaysians are inseparable. This is because it can be seen, when they are willing to spend time hanging out there, moreover it is now allowed to operate for 24 hours.

Strange, her food is on another plate

However, an issue arose when a mamak shop in Selangor was accused of favoritism.

This is a follow -up to see how food is prepared at the premises using disposable plates.

Still, his friends ’food was served using ordinary plates just as it was used to other customers.

Is there no water in Selangor?

Due to the incident that happened to her, the woman through her caption asked if the mamak shop employee was discriminating or maybe there was a sudden lack of water in Selangor.

SOURCE:Afifah TingVia_Redaksi

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