This is the price of land in Jakarta in 2022, 1 meter hundreds of millions?

Many need land for housing or offices, especially in the capital. However, land prices in Jakarta tends to be high. Approximately, what is the price per square meter in 2022?

To find out, please refer to the following review!


  • The higher the permif land, then the price of land also continues to rise.
  • The high price of land in the Jakarta area, we can consider buying land around Jakarta which is more affordable.

The ever-increasing need for land

The need for land is increasing day by day. It’s because of demographics increasing population. In line with this condition, the need for land for housing or business also continues to rise.

Unfortunately, the increase in population is not in line with the increase in land area. Thus, the amount of vacant land is increasingly limited.

The demand for land has never dropped. By high demandfor the price keeps going up.

The price of land in Jakarta is getting more and more stifling. This has an impact on society, including the upper middle class.

Alternatively, most people choose to buy land around Jakarta. Because, buying land in the capital seemed impossible.

So, what is the current price of land in Jakarta? Nahin the following article, we will discuss the price of land in Jakarta in 2022. Listen carefully, yes!

Land Price in Jakarta in 2022

Even though it is quite expensive, information about land prices in Jakarta is still worth knowing.

If you want to find land that is quite affordable, you can actually access DKI Jakarta Governor Regulation No. 24 of 2020 concerning the Determination of the Sale Value of Rural and Urban Land and Building Tax Objects in 2020.

In the regulation, there are references to property transactions, such as land and buildings.

The following is a list of land prices in Jakarta in 2022:

#1 Central Jakarta

In Central Jakarta, land prices are higher than other areas in Jakarta. The price of land is influenced by the existence of an elite ecosystem in it. In fact, the highest NJOP reaches tens or hundreds of millions per square meter.

However, you can still find areas that are still affordable, namely in the Jalan Gatot Subroto area. There, NJOP land only IDR 2.92 million per square meter. In fact, the average NJOP of land in the area is IDR 72 million per square meter.

#2 East Jakarta

Land prices in East Jakarta are cheaper than Central Jakarta. In this area, you can find prices between IDR 3 million up to you IDR 14 million per square meter.

But, if you are a little observant, there is a lot of land with a price of Rp. 2 million per square meter here.

The land with the “low price” is found in the Cakung area, for example Kampung Terate. There is also in Pulo Gadung, precisely in Pulo Lentut. If referring to the Pergub DKI Jakarta, the NJOP is IDR 2.92 million per square meter.

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#3 South Jakarta

South Jakarta is famous as a luxury area. However, land prices in South Jakarta are all expensive. The price of land in Jakarta can be owned at a price of IDR 3 million to IDR 6 million per square meter.

However, for certain areas, the price reaches Rp. 20 million per square meter.

Again, if you are more careful, it turns out that there are land prices in South Jakarta which are below Rp. 2 million per square meter, namely on Jalan Manggarai Utara, Jalan Manggarai Utara II, and Jalan Manggarai Utara II/KO AL.

#4 West Jakarta

You can buy land prices in West Jakarta starting from IDR 3 million per square meter, namely in the area of ​​Kampung Baru, Jalan Buntu Kampung Kecil, and Jalan Pahlawan.

#5 North Jakarta

North Jakarta is a coastal area that also has Tanjung Priok Port. Land prices in North Jakarta tend to be cheaper.

Even in the Kamal Muara area, namely on Hamjuni Street, Kamal Muara Street, and Tongkol the price is IDR 1 million per square meter.

But, like other cities, certain areas, such as Garden Gardenia, have high prices, reaching Rp. 20 million per square meter.

#6 Thousand Islands

Pulau Seribu is almost forgotten as a part of DKI Jakarta Province. The price of land in Jakarta, especially Pulau Seribu is still cheap, which is less than IDR 1 million per square meter. In fact, on Tidung Island, the NJOP is only Rp. 614 thousand.

However, you cannot use the land on the island as you wish. There are certain rules that must be obeyed.

If you are going to buy land for investment, you need to pay attention to several things like the one in this video.

Factors Affecting Rising Land Prices in Jakarta

Today, land is a big investment. In cities, people tend to store assets in the form of property, including land. This is because the value of land is always rising.

The following are factors that affect land prices in Jakarta which continue to rise:

#1 Zoning Law

One of the main factors influencing land prices in Jakarta is the implementation of zoning law.

Initially, before the human community as much as it is today, land was managed in a simple way, produced simple products, and treated simply.

Because its use is very conventional, for example for agriculture, the price is also low. Land does not have much commercial value.

However, conditions changed when zoning laws changed and land was allowed for commercial and residential activities.

After that, prices in Jakarta and other locations with similar conditions slowly rose.

#2 Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development has contributed to the increase in land prices. When many facilities are near commercial lands, the price will continue to increase.

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#3 Being Close to Industrial Areas or Economic Centers

Jakarta is the economic center in Indonesia. Many companies have offices there, so many workers pass in and out of Jakarta every day.

But, gradually, the journey in and out of Jakarta is getting longer due to traffic jams. As a result, many workers choose to live in Jakarta. Most of them ended up buying land in Jakarta.

More and more people are interested in buying land in Jakarta. In the end, land prices rose.

#4 Lots of Social Activities

Jakarta is a place for many communities, office areas, shopping centers, and so on. With so many social activities in it, many people are interested in living there.

The more people who want to live in Jakarta is directly proportional to the increase in land prices due to high demand.

#5 General Inflation

Inflation affects land prices in Jakarta. Inflation makes a number of prices, including property soar to offset the exchange rate.

#6 Location

Jakarta is a strategic location, namely the center of the economy, the center of government, and the center of Indonesian fashion, so it is not surprising that land in Jakarta continues to rise.

Many people come to Jakarta to access these activity centers.

Should I Buy Land in Jakarta?

Land prices in Jakarta continue to rise every time. If necessary and have the funds, you can buy land in Jakarta. However, if it doesn’t have a big impact on your life, you can consider land around Jakarta that is more affordable.

Moreover, if you are looking for land to build a house, then you have to arrange the funds in detail. You can calculate the planning for buying a house using My Financial Calculator.

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So, have you thought about where to buy land? If you have other recommendations, you can write them in the comments column below.

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Editor: Ratna Sri H.

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