THIS IS THE LINK Free Download Minecraft 1.18 Pocket Edition Android Version, Comes With New Features Mobs Apk

Almost all gamers or gamers know and are familiar with the Minecraft game.

Founded by Mojang Studios since 2009, this game still exists today.

Not only is Minecraft fun to play, it also teaches you to build

survive, and explore other people’s worlds through servers.

Minecraft can also be called play while learning because it features an educational mode.

Now Minecraft has updated its version of the game which can be played not only on smartphones but also on PC and iOS.

Let’s just press the download link Minecraft 1.18 for free

a new feature is in the Mobs Mod Apk in the Android version of Caves Update Pocket Edition.

The latest version of the Minecraft 1.18 Pocket Edition (PE) game application which was released on November 30, 2021 is now available for download.

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In the latest Minecraft 2021 there are a number of mods for a number of mobs that can be used in this apk.

Five Mobs Mod Apk Minecraft 1.18 includes:

Parrot or parrot

Parrots are cute monsters and can be found in the forest biome. Having colorful feathers is unique.

You can also sit on a player’s shoulder and imitate the sounds of various enemy hordes for entertainment.

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Horse or horse

Horses are monsters that players can find and tame by bringing with them various items, including: golden apples, Kerbapples, or golden carrots.

You can use horses as a means of transportation for long trips, climb mountains, and make cool montages.

Download Link Minecraft 1.18 New Features Free Mobs Mod Apk to Android Version Caves Update Pocket Edition
Download Link Minecraft 1.18 New Features Free Mobs Mod Apk to Android Version Caves Update Pocket Edition

Cat or cat

Herds of cats or cats is the most interesting feature in Minecraft 1.18. It is found in all types of villages and can be tamed with raw cod or salmon.

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Wolf or wolf

Wolves or wolves can be pets to fight dangerous monsters. You can tame these monsters by giving them bones.


After all, the axolotl is a fun and rare monster. Comes in the Minecraft 1.18 update and only appears in the Lush Cave Biome.

Quoted from IndoTrends.Id by Berita DIY in an article entitled Download Link Minecraft 1.18 Free New Features Mobs Mod Apk on Android Caves Update Pocket Edition. Below is the download link for the Minecraft 1.18 Pocket Edition game for Android phones and PCs:


This is the free download link for Minecraft 1.18 Pocket Edition Version, New Features Mobs Mod Apk on Android and PC.


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