This is the largest rental income project in Indonesia – Hello loyal visitors, on this occasion we are going to share some examples of companies with high income turnover in Indonesia that can later be used as inspiration for those who want to have their own business.

This rental business also has a very good long-term prospect, as well as the cooking business.

The reason why the rental business has a very potential opportunity can actually be seen by the very large population of Indonesia

For a number of reasons, there are many things that are cheaper to rent than to buy your own, so renting what you really need is a promising business opportunity.

Operating this business generally requires a large enough capital that some types of businesses target a fairly large market. Curious what examples of service companies with high turnover are, here are examples:

#1 Car Rental Business

The car rental business is one of the most popular today. The benefits obtained from this business are not really a joke, for each rental car for 24 hours the price ranges from 300-500 thousand depending on the quality and brand of the car.

However, to start this business requires not a small but very large capital, because we must first have a car.

But if you want to try running this business, you can start by owning your first 5 cars in the Avanza or Xenia class. Only then will the profits from running the business be used to add more cars.

What should be considered is a good knowledge of the management of this business, whether managing it or selecting potential clients, so that embezzlement is now rampant.

2 Tourist bus rental business

In addition to car rental, there is also a tourist bus rental service, but of course to buy this bus you have to spend a lot of money.

The reason is that the price of tourist buses is very expensive and may reach one billion.

But of course the benefits are greater when compared to renting a car, to renting one car for 24 hours with a minimum of 3 million per day.

Even for some multi-day tour packages, there are as many as 30-40 million.

3 boat rental business

Among the many service companies mentioned above, the most capital draining business is chartering boats because the price of such a vessel is very expensive.

But it can be compared with the spin that will be obtained later. Types of ships that can be chartered include tankers, cargo ships, and motorboats.

However, among several types of ships, the boats that are usually rented are motor boats that are used by tourists to view and enjoy the sea.

4 generator rental business

Genset is a diesel power plant that is usually required for weddings, concerts, school events and various other events that require an audio system.

This generator rental can be combined once by renting audio system equipment such as loudspeakers etc.

Air conditioner rental business #5

Air conditioning is required for seminars, exhibitions and other events that are usually held indoors.

Commonly used air conditioners are portable air conditioners which usually cost around 600k per rental depending on the quality of the air conditioner used.

In Indonesia itself, many seminars or other events are often held in closed buildings or rooms.

So that air conditioner rental can be a profitable business opportunity.

6 tent rental business

In addition to generators and air conditioners, tents are much needed, for example for weddings and various events that are usually held outdoors.

So if you intend to rent a tent, you should rent a range of equipment ranging from generators, air conditioners, and sound systems to chairs and tents.

So it is very possible to get maximum profit from a rental service company that can be done along with as a home business.

7 rent a game online

It is true that the internet café rental business is currently rather quiet when compared to online gaming.

Therefore, the online game rental business is currently a very promising business.

This work depends on the strategic location and the convenience of the available space.

You can make hundreds of thousands to millions of profits every day depending on your location and the number of client computers you have.

Since online gaming addicts are not enthusiastic about renting, it can take 3-5 hours each time they play.
It can inspire those of you who are interested in running a service business.

The last word

So, these are some examples of high income rental companies in Indonesia that you can try and have the potential to try. We hope to inspire those of you who are interested in running a service business.

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