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This is a summary of the best Yogyakarta tours in 2017

Not only does it have historical tourist attractions that are full of charm and the distribution of stunningly beautiful beaches, Yogyakarta also has many other tourist attractions. In recent years, Yogyakarta has even transformed into a tourist city that presents various tourist hits and can become a mainstay photography spot for travelers. Of course, the tour in Yogyakarta will be more exciting and fun.

There are many points that can be your tourist destination in Yogyakarta. Among these several points there are tourist attractions that are claimed by most tourists to be the best tourism in Yogyakarta throughout 2017. What are the best tours throughout 2017 in Yogyakarta? If you haven’t visited this year, as soon as possible you should have an agenda to go there so you don’t miss out, guys, because 2018 has passed half a year.

The Best Tour in 2017 in Yogyakarta

star Hill

If you’re looking for a romantic tourist spot that displays the charm of a typical Jogja city light with a sprinkling of stars, just come to Bukit Bintang. You will find the expanse of stars that adorn the night sky with the charm of the beautiful dim lights of Jogja. In addition to relaxing enjoying the night view that is served, you can also stop at the warung in the Bukit Bintang area and enjoy a ginger drink or delicious fresh coffee to warm your throat and body.


Initially Kalibiru was famous due to social media. Now Kalibiru is becoming one of the popular and hits tourism in Yogyakarta. If you travel here, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Yogyakarta from a height. There is also a viewing post that can be your photo spot while relaxing and enjoying the natural charm that is second to none. You just have to sacrifice 10 thousand rupiah to travel in Kalibiru.

Ratu Boko Temple

Not only has Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta also has a very beautiful and beautiful temple called Ratu Boko Temple. This place has become one of the favorite tourist spots for tourists who want to take pictures with views of the sunset past the temple monument which gives a charm of beauty that is second to none. Often the tourist attractions of Ratu Boko Temple are the pre-wedding locations for couples who love the unbeatable sunset atmosphere at Ratu Boko Temple.

Jogja Monument

For those of you who are interested in enjoying a night tour and enjoying night culinary, just come to Tugu Jogja. This place is always crowded with young people and couples who deliberately capture the moment by relaxing or taking photos in front of Tugu Jogja. The location of Tugu Jogja is around Malioboro so it is very easy to access. Until now, Tugu Jogja has become one of the landmarks of Yogyakarta that you should not miss.

Sand Dunes

This tourist spot has become a hit tourist spot since 2016. Meanwhile, the number of tourist visits is also increasing in 2017. Many tourist observers also predict that Gumuk Pasir, which is similar to the Sahara Desert, will also still exist in 2018. By visiting Gumuk Pasir, in addition to the Sahara-style panorama that you can find, You can also enjoy a swing in the middle of the desert that you can enjoy. Gumuk Pasir is also suitable as a pre-wedding photo location.

That’s the list of the best tours throughout 2017 in Yogyakarta which is highly recommended to be included in your list of tourist visits. Get an exciting travel experience by visiting there.


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