This is a Healthy Food Menu for Children That You Must Know –

Consuming a healthy and nutritious diet is very important for every child. Especially in the period of growth, the baby needs various types of nutritional intake. Healthy food menus for children are expected to support their growth and development and the ability to think.

But with the busy schedule of parents, they often serve fast food to just make the stomach full.

Some Healthy Food Menus For Children

Offering practical and ready-to-eat food does sound like a solution. However, if it is done in a relatively long time interval, it will have serious health risks for our baby.

Norms of eating with unhealthy foods can continue into adulthood. So, you will be susceptible to disease and many other health problems.

As said by a specialist in education and economic policy from the University of New York, Sean Patrick Corcoran, students who have healthy eating norms on a regular basis have their own characteristics. They don’t get tired easily and focus more on studying in class, and can absorb more news.

Therefore, keep trying to serve healthy food for your child. The benefits that will be obtained are increasing thinking power, keeping a good mood, stabilizing energy, maintaining ideal body weight, and preventing mental health problems.

Recommended Healthy Food Menu for Children


The routine that you should not miss is breakfast or breakfast. Get enough sleep at night and breakfast intake for the baby so that they can carry out activities during the day.

Children who are accustomed to starting the day with breakfast will have a better concentration level than children who do not eat breakfast.

Parents must be careful in choosing healthy food menus for children that will be served in the morning. Make sure the menu is protein-dense compared to other nutrients. Protein-rich foods can make the stomach feel full longer and do not increase obesity. In addition, your little one’s breakfast must also be equipped with one glass of milk to meet the daily nutritional intake.

Several menu options that you can prepare, for example, wheat sandwich with egg and vegetable filling. There is also a menu that you can choose from, namely hard-boiled eggs, toast, and apples. Rice with scrambled vegetables and equipped with an omelette can be an option and there are many more breakfast menus that can be recommended.

Have lunch

Children with school age, of course, more often eat lunch at school. Then they will continue their activities, namely learning and playing. So, the nutritional intake in the lunch menu must also be complete.

What you can do is offer your child lunch from home. You can also prepare your own what will be given.

Healthy food menu for children during the day complete with calories, minerals, vitamins and enough fiber. Consuming a nutritious lunch can support children to stay enthusiastic when studying and be able to focus and be responsive when getting subject matter.

The menu that you can prepare for your baby’s lunch is like a biscuit with slices of cheese and jam, you can add fresh fruit. You can also choose fried rice with vegetables. Potatoes containing broccoli cheese can also be an option.


Dinner is one of the important moments in the family, namely the existence of a togetherness. The variety of foods that children can eat at dinner tends to be free compared to the morning and afternoon menus.

However, parents should still pay attention to the nutritional content in it. Carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals must and must be present.

The menu served for example grits with chicken liver, egg noodles, spaghetti tofu and broccoli. You can also serve chicken in orange sauce and scrambled meat macaroni.

When the liver is in a difficult time eating, you can offer extra nutrition from milk.

Besides fulfilling a healthy food menu for children, you also need to serve a healthy snack menu. Intakes that are rich in nutrients greatly support the intelligence and intelligence of children.

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