This couple allegedly wants to release the employee of this fast food restaurant, once they “go to school” with netizens – Awattt Syeikhhh Network

It can be said that the average restaurant operators adhere to service procedures and standards that create high quality, ethical, disciplined, clean and safe service.

Professional position to improve knowledge, skills and competence in the management of catering services, including offering equal treatment to each client.

Recently, tvlar will be showing on social media a video of a fast food restaurant worker having a sore throat with two customers.

In a video uploaded to the Malaysian Twitter page, M0st Vir4l shows an employee believed to be a restaurant manager who was seen getting into a verbal fight with a customer.

Video 0

At F4ham.kan, the couple appeared to be making an unreasonable request to anger workers.

In fact, in the 2 minute 20 second video, the customer in question can be heard as if he was intentionally causing the employee to become angry.

In any case, the video recorded by the customer is only half of what happened at the time.

Looking at the comments section, the average netizen is of the opinion that the client in question deliberately pr0v0k the employee. In fact, they are suing the owner of the video for uploading the initial incident at the respective restaurant.

Source: Malaysia. M0ST.VIR4LL

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