Things to Pay Attention to when Becoming an Importer – How to Succeed in Online Business

Are you interested in starting to become an importer of goods from China? There are several things that you should consider before starting this business. Research and broad insight are important assets before you start an import business. With various advantages of importing goods from China to Indonesia with forwarder services, of course you will get more benefits later. Here are some things that must be considered when importing this item:

  1. Establishing the Right Payment System

First, pay attention to the payment system that will be made with the supplier. This is important because each will have its own advantages and you need to pay attention to this according to the conditions. These payment systems include Cost and Freight (CFR), Free on Board (FOB) or Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF). These three systems are the most common systems. Learn in advance so you can determine the most appropriate budgeting later.

  1. Shipping methods and costs also need to be considered

Additional fees will apply when the shipping process starts. The delivery service is of course very diverse. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to how this will be done along with the extra costs required. By paying attention to this, then you will also get the most effective budget. Make sure that the budget includes the extra costs needed.

  1. Choosing a Delivery System

The delivery system is also very important to note. As we know, there are three main routes to choose from, namely land, sea and air routes. When it comes to products from China, the most obvious choice is by sea and air. Think about time effectiveness. This will also be closely related to the needs of the market that wants goods quickly to be obtained. Airline is usually more popular, but also has a fairly high price. If you want more standard, then you can choose to use the sea route which is quite common.

  1. Insuring Goods

Next is related to goods insurance. It is important to know that the import process is not as simple as when shipping goods between cities. Just as an analogy, if shipping between cities still has the risk of goods being lost, damaged or defective, then the same applies to the process of importing goods. Therefore, insurance is a mandatory choice to be made, especially if the goods to be imported include goods that are prone to damage or luxury.

  1. Customs Regulations You Must Learn

Lastly, don’t forget the regulations from the government. Regulations related to differences such as what goods are not allowed to enter, the required documents and other conditions must be met so that the goods are later legal to be resold in Indonesia. Avoid choosing the dark path by ignoring things like this because it can give you the risk of criminal acts that will actually harm your own business.

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