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LONDON: Thibaut Courtois was ready to take a penalty kick in the Champions League final although his fate was uncertain when he did so.

The Belgian goalkeeper scored the winning goal in pre-season action for Chelsea in 2015 against Paris Saint-Germain.

But he also hit the post when the Blues died in a Community Shield action at the hands of Arsenal in 2017.

The 30-year-old Real Madrid goalkeeper is aiming for his first Champions League title after losing in 2014 to Atletico Madrid.

Ahead of the meeting in Paris against Liverpool, he said: “I will definitely not be in the top five. But maybe after that, if you’re needed, you need to be prepared.

“I am not afraid. It’s time to shine. I remember pre -season action with Chelsea against PSG, I scored one goal and in the Community Shield against Arsenal, I failed to do it.

“(Antonio) Conte put me there because he knew I could do well but standing there in a very important situation is a different matter.”


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