There is already a baby bump, Mona Allen is generally pregnant with her first child .. Congratulations Mona, Pekin – News Tel

The celebrity couple, the Pekin actress and also Mona Allen have given very good news today.

The news in question is confirmation that Mona Allen is currently pregnant with two or is pregnant.

This was Mona Allen’s first pregnancy after nearly four years of sailing the household ark.

This good news is confirmed through a photo uploaded by Mona Allen on her Ig site.

The picture clearly shows that Mona Allen already has a baby bump.

This is what Mona Allen wrote: “Bismillah, Alhamdulillah thanks. Pray for the best for me.That’s what he wrote followed by a love emoji.

Apart from that, her friend Marina Juki also uploaded a picture of Mona Allen’s baby bump on her Ig story page.

Here is a speech from Marina Juki to Mona Allen: “Thanks for picking us up. Hopefully the matter of giving birth will go smoothly. Can’t wait for baby Mona and Pekin to come out.

In the comment section of Mona Allen’s picture, many of the artist’s friends have written comments congratulating her on the pregnancy of Mona Allen’s first child and also this Pekin.

Among them are Uyaina Arshad, Siti Elizad, Zarina Zainuddin, Kaka Azraff, Dynas Moktar, Ramona Zamzam, Linda Rafa, Iman Suhana and many more.

Alhamdullilah. Welcome to the club.”Uyaina wrote referring to the mothers’ club.

On average, others wrote congratulations and prayed that all matters related to the pregnancy and birth of the first child of Mona Allen and her husband, Pekin, would be simplified.

For info, Mona Allen and Pekin got married in 2018. Previously, Pekin Ibrahim had told that he and Mona Allen were ready to receive the light of day and have made fertility treatment in 2021.

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