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The use of modern technology is very important in the agricultural sector to increase crop yields and protect the environment

  • Great alternative to Public – Non-public Partnership

  • 4 State Ministers of Agriculture, Authorities Assume Tanks & Agro-chemical Business discusses Sustainable Agricultural Development for Independent India at all National Conventions held at forty-second CropLife India AGM

CropLife India; Major domestic affiliates and Multinational R&D encouraged plant science companies to convene a two-day National Convention at its forty-second AGMS, which witnessed the assembly of the Union of State Ministers of Agriculture and Peasant Welfare, 4 Ministers of Agriculture from the State of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Telengana and Karnatake, senior Authority officials, consultants and business leaders.

CropLife India Annual Report launched across National Conventions

The theme of the National Convention is “Sustainable Agricultural Development for an Independent India” The theme of the inauguration session was “Agricultural Transformation throughout’Amrit Kaal‘ – Plant Safety Function” Special Plenary Session,State Government Viewsfocuses on achievements in agriculture in the 4 main States of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Telengana and Karnatake. Special Plenary Session II which focuses on “Worldwide Perspective: India @100”; specific sessions that focus on “Increase Plant Safety Effectiveness” and Session – III discusses “Ease of Doing Business – The Way Forward.”

In his Inauguration agreement with, Shri Kailash ChoudharyThe Honorable Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, Indian Authority, shared that, “There most should use the latest knowledge for agriculture and raise awareness of farmers for the same. Drone expertise can play a big role as it presents a number of advantages such as spraying agricultural chemicals, willing quantities of fertilizers and vitamins to use, among others..”

Shri Choudhary added that,Crop Safety Business has enjoyed a key position in increasing Indian agricultural productivity in key crops and invites businesses for Public – Non-public Partnerships to bring Indian agriculture and Indian farmers on a sustainable development path.”

Shri Surya Pratap Shahi, Distinguished Minister of Agriculture, Uttar Pradesh Authority, commented, “Plant safety businesses must continue to develop greener chemistry for sustainable development. Shri Shahi invites plant security businesses to put money into Uttar Pradesh which is on a trajectory towards the food basket of the nation and the world.

Shri S. Niranjan Reddy, Distinguished Minister of Agriculture, Telangana Authority state, “The greatest task of mankind is to keep the soil healthy for the higher human well-being and well-being. Water conservation is critical to agriculture and Telengana was the main state implementing the Watershed program in 1983-84. Under the Kakatiya Mission, our 46000 water and body water tanks in Telangana have been restored. Due to joint efforts, Water has introduced the biggest revolution in Telangana.

Shri Kamal Patel, Distinguished Minister of Agriculture, Madhya Pradesh Authority state, “Madhya Pradesh has taken many key initiatives such as insurance coverage to protect smallholder businesses and make farmers independent”. Shri Patel invites businesses to work with state authorities on different management and initiatives.”

Shri BC Patil, Distinguished Minister of Agriculture, Karnataka Authoritystate, “A Helpline offers strollers for farmers in Karnataka. The Karnataka Authority has increased the reservation of scholars from farming households in admission to B.Sc. Agriculture, from 40% to 50%. The full variation of seats reserved for undergraduate classes at this agricultural university is 1230 while the total consumption is 2460; within the country .”

Okay. C. Ravi, Chairman, CropLife India state, “There is a desire for a predictable, stable and science-based largely scope and regulatory regime for the correct development of the crop security sector is very important; which promotes innovation and the introduction of new products to address the challenges facing farmers today and in the future; while paving the way for the best with the introduction of innovative applied sciences such as Synthetic Intelligence and Drones.

Mr. Anil Kakkar, Vice Chairman of CropLife India & Vice President, Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd. state, “CropLife India and our members are dedicated to making India self-sufficient and Agriculture is a part of it. The crop safety business has made a huge contribution to Indian Agriculture in the last 75 years and is dedicated to contributing across “Amrit Kali

Mr. Srinivasa Karavadi, Vice Chairman, CropLife India & Head of Market Growth India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka, Bayer CropScience Restricted state, “CropLife India and its member companies have always believed in and demonstrated a constructive partnership strategy with different authorities and stakeholders. We want to continue to contribute to strengthening the collaborative ecosystem.

CropLife India members are typically not only dedicated to making the latest and safer fixes and are equally dedicated to teaching farmers about their safe and responsible use. CropLife and its member companies want to continue to contribute to making regulatory arrangements that are science-based, pragmatic, and sound.

CropLife members continue to work diligently with farmers, scientific groups, and publishers to address the challenges of today as well as those of the future. However, the price of analysis has gone up and it is estimated that the price of discovery and growth of the new living material is around INR 2000 crores. If Indian agriculture is to develop, become more aggressive, encourage high quality, reduce waste as well as losses to enable our farmers to earn extra profits, it is imperative {that a} progressive coverage arrangement is in place that encourages improvement.

About CropLife India

CropLife India is dedicated to advancing sustainable agriculture and is an affiliate of 16 R&D driven member companies in crop safety. We collectively represent ~70% of the market and are responsible for 95% of domestically launched molecules. Our member companies have an annual international R&D expenditure of 6 billion USD and are strongly dedicated to taking part with farmer groups to enable the Provision of Safe and Protected Food.

Our member companies have been established in India since the 1950’s; we continue to work hand in hand with the authorities to develop the agricultural sector – from direct funding to build factories, job creation, bringing agricultural innovation and dealing relentlessly over the years with various stakeholders to increase agricultural productivity.


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