The untold truth of an automatic orange

“A Clockwork Orange” was a huge hit by Malcolm McDowell. However, the Stanley Kubrick classic of years left McDowell with a bad taste in his mouth. He said NME“For the first ten years after I made it, I resented it. I was tired of it. I didn’t want to talk about the dummy thing. Then I realized it was a great job. You can also accept and enjoy it.”

McDowell also revealed that when Kubrick asked why he was chosen for the role, the director told him that he brought an aura of intelligence to the role. “Alex is a thug, but he’s not just a thug,” McDowell explained. “Anyone who loves classical music can’t be that bad, let’s face it. So that was what he was looking for.” McDowell also revealed that the year and a half he spent with the Royal Shakespeare Company, saying lines in the poet’s rhythms and language, was instrumental in mastering the future slang – Nadsat – spoken by Alex and Droogs.

Reflecting on society’s constant, terrified horror at the elements in its fabric that it cannot control or understand, McDowell described “A Clockwork Orange” as “a warning…all the warning signs are there.” Well, my little brother, alright!

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