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The treatment of Zul Karipin! The video doesn’t even show the location of the stall, it is suddenly raided…and then 20kg of flour has to be added – Teh Tarik Kaw

“IF like this, I’m willing to eat curry every day.”

This is how wonderful the treatment of a young man who works at a stall selling papa curry and donuts.

It is learned that due to some photos of him compiled into a video on social media, the stall located in Section 4, Bangi, Selangor received a tremendous response.

Through the comment section, the average netizen called this youngster ‘Zul Karipin’, which is believed to be because of his thin body like actor Zul Ariffin and the karipap sweets that are sold.

zul karipin 9

Aqil works at a donut curry stall in Seksyen 4, Bangi.

Talk to me mStr, the young man in question, Muhammad Aqil Mohamad Akhir admitted that at first he himself did not know about the existence of the video and only found out about it from friends and clients.

According to the 23-year-old, he has only been working at the stall for two months.

“I work as treasurer and manage cabin crew. I’m amazed that people come and ask’This bro is vir4l, isn’t he??”. I don’t even know what to say.

“Many people criticize me for my body, and some want to have a body like mine too,” he said when contacted. mStar.

Zul Karipin 10

The donut curry stall where Aqil works is well known.

Being a ‘gym leg’ and also a personal fitness trainer, it’s no surprise that the friendly youngster named Aqil has a strong body and muscular arms.

In fact, this young man from Selayang, Selangor also participated in several bodybuilding tournaments and beauty pageants.

“I do a session Personal training at night after work. I also always participate in competitions like Top 20 Mr Badang Asia in 2019 and Top 10 New Friends in 2021.

“I always spend my free time working out in the gym, apart from going out. I am drill up to six times a week,” said the 174-centimeter-tall young man.

The video, which features several shots of Aqil going out, has garnered over 760,000 views on TikTok.

zul karipin 8

Aqil often spends time working out in the gym.

According to the fourth of the six siblings, the stall sells potato curry, sardine curry, donuts, pau kacang and rojak pasembur.

Alhamdulilah, after this viral, I saw more and more people in line. At that hour you cannot count. Alhamdulilah I have added 20 kilograms (kg) of flour per day.

I’m amazed that people come and ask’this bro is viral right?”. I don’t even know what to say.


“If before we made 40 kg per day, now it has increased from 50 to 65 kg per day, the number of workers has also increased.

“Even though the video is just in front of me and doesn’t show pictures of the stall, many people want to know where the stall is,” he said.

zul karipin 7

He aspires to run a sweet shop.

Idolizing famous bodybuilder Chris Bumstead (CBUM) in the field of fitness, Aqil also admires sado actor Zul Ariffin.

As for many netizens tagging him as Zul Karipin, who associated himself with the mainstay of the film Tablis Iblis, Aqili jokingly replied, “I’m afraid that after Zul Aripin, it will be difficult to find food “.

Who would have thought that after his interest in fitness, this young man also enjoys making cakes and desserts.

“Before that I worked in a sweet shop. I aspire to run a sweet shop in the future,” he said

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Source: mstar


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