The Simple Formula for Success in Essay Writing

When it comes to writing essays, most people will tell you that there’s a clear “anxiety” at the beginning of the writing. We’ve all been there-

Staring at the blank notepad, searching every single word in your head to find the perfect way to start off that piece…

Eventually, you look up and you’re 3 hours into your paper, with zero words on the page. What if, there was a way to get your thoughts to paper, without developing a sudden onset of rigor mortis, each time you start a piece? Well, we’re gonna try our best to do that for you, today. We’ve done the legwork, and written the articles (thousands, actually); we’re happy to report that there IS a way to get your essays done, just that much faster. Here’s the simple formula for success in essay writing!

Silence Is Golden

Finding a quiet place to think and clear internal distractions makes all the difference. Often, a big facet of “writer’s block” has nothing to do WITH the writing. Many writers find themselves with circumstances, which may distract them. For this reason, many prefer to write in complete solitude. Some writers even opt to write at night. Find a place where you feel comfortable and you’re [almost] sure your train of thought won’t be interrupted.

You Miss 100% Of The Shots That You Don’t Take

Writing, like anything else, requires the bravery to take that “first step”, as it were. I find that writing and art have the same hang-up: there’s always that neurotic need to get the “perfect” stroke. In writing, we have this unrealistic expectation that we can knock out a perfectly written piece the first time, with hardly any revisions. All of that pressure comes right down to the first sentence, and we find ourselves unwilling to write it, lest the fantasy of “the perfect work” falls apart.

The reality is this: What finds its way onto the paper, is what was meant to come out. We may want to have that fantasy, but I often find that what comes out is ultimately better than I could have even imagined. Write the first sentence, then you’ll find that you have a paragraph, then another, and before you know it.., voila!

Don’t Rush Your Detail!

When writing, especially work that may have a lower word count, some people may struggle with how to convey information in a succinct manner.

This often leads to pieces that seem “jittery” and rushed. Amateur writers will often attempt to achieve this, by skipping over any form of nuance, in an attempt to convey only the base material. If this is a short story or any kind of fictional writing, this will leave the work far too literal for suspension of disbelief.

On the flip side, when the word count requirements increase, the writer may find themselves at a loss for words. This is when we get the all too familiar phenomenon of “fluff”. The writer will try and fill in the piece, by adding an unreasonable amount of redundant statements and/or going out of their way to extend the length of their sentences, by using circular language, to represent extremely simple concepts. An example of this would be someone doing something like “The day was bright and hot because the sun was shining and it was daytime; which is when the sun usually comes out.”

Both situations can be resolved with the same advice: Take your time and don’t rush! Doing the research needed to have a complete picture of the information, means that you’ll always have the right amount of detail. Practice the art of compiling. That way, you can always pick and choose the best possible methods to create the perfect essay.


Writing an essay can be a daunting task, but not an impossible one. Following the tips above will get you a major way to getting that perfect score. Making sure you have the right tools to get the job done is key. Sometimes, you might even want to get a little help from the pros. Let reputable and reliable companies, like writing service Essay Expert help you ensure that you’re submitting the perfect essay. Good luck and don’t forget to do your best!

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