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The Silihwangi Majakuning Association Forms a Self-Help Command Post for Fire and Forestry Alert

KUNINGAN, (FC).- Optimizing the handling of forest and land fires (Karhutla) in the area of ​​Mount Ciremai, Silihwangi Community of Majalengka and Kuningan (Majakuning) together with the Fire Care Community (MPA) Partners of Mount Ciremai National Park (MTNGC) formed the Community Self-Help Center for Karhutla MPA Silihwangi Majakuning, Tuesday (4/10) at the Pasawahan Village Hall, Pasawahan District.

Chairman of the Silihwangi Majakuning Association (Majalengka and Kuningan), Eddy Syukur representing MPA-MTNGC, said that handling forest and land fires, especially in difficult terrain, in addition to risking lives also requires experience and good terrain recognition.

“Fire conditions in mountainous areas require accurate coordination and cooperation from all parties to deal with the red rooster,” said Eddy Syukur.

He said, a few days ago, a severe fire that had spread in the Mount Ciremai area in the northern part of Pasawahan Village and Padabeunghar Village on the border of Cibuntu and Singkup Villages. The basis for the formation of the Self-Help Command Post for Carhutla MPA is the Silihwangi Majakuning Community.

“The strong winds have exacerbated the condition of the land fires some time ago. It almost took the lives of several volunteers who were putting out the fire. This is the initiative to establish

Head of the Mount Ciremai National Park (BTNGC) through BTNGC Public Relations Adi conveyed his appreciation for the cooperation of MPA, BPBD, TNI, Polri, BTNGC, Ciremai Forum, Destana Karangsari and volunteers and all parties who have worked hand in hand in handling the fire at Mount Ciremai.

“We appreciate the initiative to create the MPA Self-help Post for the Silihwangi Majakuning Community in collaboration with the Gunung Ciremai Support Village Government,” said Adi.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairperson of the Silihwangi Majakuning Society, Zezen added, the MPA/KTH of the Silihwangi Majakuning Association in 24 villages of Kuningan and Majalengka Regencies amounted to 510 people.

“We hope that the government will pay attention to the existence of training and infrastructure and equipment to support preparedness to deal with forest and land fires. More importantly, we pray and hope that there will be no more forest and land fires, especially in the Mount Ciremai area, amen,” said the man who is familiarly called Kang Zezen.

Present on the occasion, the Head of Pasawahan Village, Nurpin Panuju, Padabeunghar Village Head, Pasawahan Village BPD, Muspika Elements, Pasawahan Babinsa, Mount Ciremai National Park Office (BTNGC), Fire Concern Community (MPA), Forest Farmers Group (KTH) who are members of The Silihwangi Majakuning Association. (red)



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