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Spreading on social media, a woman known as Norfatha Taher never thought that her two beloved daughters, Aisha Safiya Ahmed Shoukry, 4, and Alyssa Somaya Ahmed Shoukry, 1, 1, were born on her birthday, September 11.

By mStar Report, Noorfatiha or better known as Tia expressed gratitude when she had sustenance and was equally happy as it was easy to celebrate her birthday with her two children.


Happy birthday sister Aisha, sister and mother…

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“Right now, I only have two children. The older sister was born at 10.45 am and the younger brother was born at 5.45 pm, both on September 11.
“I am really happy to welcome you birthday With two children, I think Special Because a lot of people in this world don’t get the moment to have two children on the same date as their mother.”

Talking about her experience, Tia revealed that she once joked with her husband to have the same Christmas with the kids.

She further explained that her husband had planned the date of their child’s birth, and when she was pregnant, her husband often spoke with the unborn child on 9/11.

“The story is, my husband and I chatted and joked that we wanted to have kids together. birthday with me. The reason is that when our first wedding date was, I wanted to do it on time birthday I can’t find a reason clash The date of the brother’s marriage to the husband.
The husband who planned the baby date ‘goes out’ because of the first child due date September 12, 2018, and the second child, September 9, 2021.
“But before both of them were born, the pair talked a lot with the unborn child to come out on 9/11. He was talking like that to his family. People say it’s salty.”

Not only that, the 29-year-old mom-to-be reported that there were quite a few individuals who didn’t believe her two children’s birthdays were the same as hers, so much so that she had to show her two IDs. Girls to prove it.

To the relief of Tia’s heart, many people praised her husband for being so good at “scheduling” the time to allow their child to be born on the date they wanted.

Source: mStar (Ewan Shu Aswad Shuaib)

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