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The Right Trick to Repair Hp With Full Internet Data Usage

The Right Trick to Repair Hp With Full Internet Data Usage – Almost some Android HP users use their cellphones more often for internet purposes. Starting from accessing social media, to downloading documents for work purposes.

Repairing a cellphone with full internet data usage

But did you ever get a notification, like full internet data usage warning? Of course, yes, once or maybe always get it.

Nah, data usage warning (Data Usage Limit) this is one of the useful features to block the use of internet quota. Starting from daily, weekly to monthly usage limits. This feature is indeed already available directly on all Android phones.

The benefits of this feature are quite a lot, you know. One of them is to avoid our credit being cut off when the internet quota that we have is used up. Generally, this quota usage limit is generally set according to the owner himself. This means that we can adjust it to the internet package that we currently have.

Although useful, but some Android HP users often feel disturbed by the presence of this feature. Moreover, we can’t get rid of the notification easily. Of course it would make us feel irritated, right?

But don’t worry, because I’m going to explain how to solve this problem for you.

Tik Overcome Full Internet Data Usage (Data Usage)

In tackling the case of notification of full internet data usage, it’s actually not difficult for us to live. Because basically the trick is already there directly on the HP that we use.

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Especially for you visitors to philosophy friends, I will give you some easy tricks to get rid of these notifications.

1. Eliminate Full Internet Data Notification

For those of you who often feel annoyed with the notifications, you can use this initial trick. Because here we will only remove the notification without disabling the data usage reminder feature.

The trick is like this:

  • First tap the notification that appears at the top of the screen.
  • Then you will be shown a graph with lines in the form of yellow and red.
  • The yellow line (as a warning threshold), is red (an indicator of data usage that has been stopped by the system).
  • Just slide the two lines up, according to your will.
  • After you have increased the limit, the notification will not reappear.

2. Delete Data Usage Statistics (From Specific Cycle)

The following trick is definitely different from the previous one, because here we will only delete data statistics from certain cycles. So that within a certain time, we will not see an internet data usage warning that has run out.

The trick is like this:

  • First open Settings on HP.
  • First check the Mobile Data section.
  • Then tap the date that appears.
  • Until a menu appears, just select the Change Cycle option.
  • Here you can set the cycle from the 1st to the 31st of the month.
  • So that the resulting graph will be replaced with the current one.
  • That way the previous data usage warning will disappear.
  • End.

3. Permanently Delete Data Usage Statistics

If you want to permanently delete all internet data usage statistics on your cellphone, then the trick will be slightly different from before. Because here we will use the help of a third-party application, such as ES File Explorer.

The trick for using it is as follows:

  • Make sure you have the Explorer application on your HP.
  • Then just open the application.
  • Continue to enter the / data / system / netstats section.
  • When you find it, you delete all the folders in it.
  • When it has been completely erased, until your HP restarts normally.
  • It’s over.

4. Run Factory Reset

If you have used all the tricks above, but have not been able to solve the full internet data usage warning problem, then you can use this trick. Where the trick is to do a factory reset or often in a factory reset.

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With a factory reset, all the settings that you previously made on the HP system will be reset back like new. So if there is a problem with the full data usage notification, it will be resolved quickly with this trick.

Here are the steps:

  • Open Settings on your cellphone.
  • Then look for the Additional Settings menu.
  • Next select Backup and Reset.
  • Select the Reset menu to factory settings again.
  • Finally, wipe all data and wait until the reset process ends.

5. Overcome Full Internet Data Usage With Flash HP

Maybe that’s all the reviews that I can convey for you today about how to deal with full internet data usage. Each of the above tricks has its own benefits and uses, yes.

So you can sort out which tricks suit your individual needs. However, if you have a more accurate trick, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments column.

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