The rate of child marriage in Indonesia is very high

Mojokerto (INDONESIATODAY.CO.ID) – The Government of Mojokerto Regency in cooperation with Nahdlatul Ulama Foundation for Family Welfare (LKKNU) held a training and training for young people on prevention of early childhood marriage, on Wednesday (7/13/2022). Training and coaching took place in the hall of a company in the Ngoro Industri Persada (NIP) region.

Ekvina Fahmawati, Regent Mojokerto, said child marriage is currently a huge problem in Indonesia, so youth development and training to prevent early childhood marriage is one of the acceleration programs that cannot be deferred any further. Data on child marriage from the National Socio-Economic Survey (SUSENAS) 2018 BPS, the number of child marriages in Indonesia is very high.

“This amounts to 1.2 million events. Indonesia ranks second in ASEAN and eighth in the world in cases of child marriage. Of this number, the proportion of women aged 20-24 married before the age of 18 was 11.21 percent of the total number of children. This is It means that 1 in 9 women between the ages of 20 and 24 married when they were children.”

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This figure contrasts with the number of men, where it is only 1 in every 100 men between the ages of 20 and 24 who marry at child age. However, Regent said, the data of the Religious Courts Agency recorded 64.2 thousand exemptions from child marriage in 2020, and this number increased by about three times, or 177.7 percent, from 2019 which was 23.1 thousand exemptions for marriage.

“This is likely to rise because the marriage law was amended in 2019, which originally set the minimum age for brides from 16 to 19. Couples who marry underage are four times more likely to drop out of school, compared to those who marry underage,” he explained. They marry over the age of 18″.

In addition, the number one in the Mojokerto Regency government continued, he is at risk to the health of the female partner and her child as well as the psychological disorders of the child’s mother. Some of the causes of child marriage are very complex, namely, unwanted pregnancy, poverty, and the interpretation of certain cultural values.

This problem mostly occurs in urban areas. Our country is a champion of early marriage and this is not a good direction for this country. The series is long starting from stunting, maternal deaths, poverty and unskilled labor, not to mention psychologically unprepared, can face quarrels, divorce and abandoned children.”

The first regent of the Mojokerto Regency explained that the results of observations showed that there were at least nine factors that, according to informants, were the driving force for the practice of child marriage. Social factors 28.5 percent became the most prominent driver of child marriage issues. The biggest one is the social factor.

Because this includes a mindset influenced by opinions, especially when there is information on social media. The President gave guidance on the National Strategy (Stranas) to Prevent Child Marriage. This is to deal with the problem of child marriage as outlined in the Medium-Term National Development Plan 2020-2024 (RPJMN).

RPJMN explicitly aims to reduce the number of child marriages from 11.21% in 2018 to 8.74% by the end of 2024. Child marriage is also a national priority imposed by local governments. In the national strategy, there are sustainable village development goals (SDGs) that include the goal of preventing child marriage.

“The fifth goal of the sustainable development goals for the village is to engage village women with the aim of reaching the age of marriage. Third, the national strategy to prevent child marriage is to reduce the number of marriages from 11.21 percent to 8.74 percent in 2024. The strategy is to ensure the implementation of regulations, increase capacity and improve institutional management.”

These are all institutions related to child marriage. Regent added that to launch the prevention and reduction of dwarfism in the Mojokerto Regency area, the Mojokerto Regency government has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mojokerto Religious Court (PA) on dwarfism, in particular the exemption from marriage.

“The bride and groom who are not yet 19 years old, we forbid them to marry so that they can delay their marriage. The ideal age for marriage has been recommended by the BKKBN at the age of majority, that is, the marriage age should be 21 years for women and 25 years for men. Although this marriage law It stipulates 19 years. But this is the ideal age, both physically and psychologically.” [tin/kun]

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