The orangutan is sold by the Malaysian FB group

The orangutan, a species native to Indonesia, has been sold on a Malaysian Facebook group after before yellow crested bird Also adorning the rare animal market in Malaysia is another amazing fact obtained by which seems to have been endangered Monkeys are also one of hundreds of publications that sell endangered wild animals .

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Search results from traffic movement explains that: There are about 300 animals that are traded through the Malaysian facebook group, Most of the animals sold are animals that live in Asia Some of them are from outside Asia, such as the tortoise from Madagascar.

Rare birds, orangutans and sun bears for sale via Facebook

During 2015, TRAFFIC searched 14 Facebook groups that became a forum for illegal buying and selling of wild and rare animals In Malaysia, from the study it was found that There are 67500 active members And the Over 200 different jobs selling wild animals ranging from endangered bird species, Orangutans sun bear.

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Facebook group name changed instantly

Several Facebook groups among 14 FB groups buy and sell Malaysian exotic animals Change the group name instantly even there Some groups that delete the group immediately To eliminate antiquities and deceive the authorities and the media.

In addition to using Facebook, these unscrupulous sellers of protected animals also often use BBM and Whatsapp in carrying out their illegal business activities. Happening in Indonesia In the past few months.

The Indonesian government should be on alert

In an incident like this, the Indonesian government should be vigilant and tighten security at the border to make it difficult for smugglers of endangered species from Indonesia to Malaysia, bearing in mind that the animals traded in Malaysia via Facebook groups are among the legally protected animals in Indonesia. , such as orangutans and endangered birds.. Tawa with a yellow peak and whose population is dwindling.

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