The Most Complete GTA San Andreas PS3 Cheats in the World

Cheat GTA San Andreas PS3 can activate all the secret features in the game. Although GTA San Andreas itself is a game that has been around for a long time, it turns out that there are still many players who are looking for the GTA San Andreas PS3 code.

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GTA San Andreas is the seventh title in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series. This game focuses on the main character named Carl Johnson aka CJ. He rejoins his old gang, the Grove Street Families, with the aim of reclaiming his former glory.

Cheat GTA San Andreas PS3

Here are some GTA San Andreas PS3 codes that are popular, common, and widely used by people:

  1. Breathing in water: R1-L2-L1-R1-R1-Triangle-R1-XX-Triangle
  2. Raise wanted level: R2-R2-Circle-R1-Left-Right-Left-Right-Left-Right
  3. Reduce wanted level: R2-R2-Circle-R1-Up-Down-Up-Down-Up-Down
  4. Bulletproof: Triangle-XX-Circle-Circle-Square-L2-R1-L1-R2
  5. Suicide: Right-L1-Down-R2-Left-Left-R2-L2-L1-L2
  6. Adrenaline: Triangle-Right-Bottom-L2-L1-Square-Square-R2-R1
  7. Love conquers all: Right-Left-Triangle-Circle-Circle-R2-R1-R1-R1
  8. Elvis is still alive: L2-Circle-Triangle-L2-L2-Square-L1-Up-Down-Left
  9. Fly boy (Pilot): Triangle-Triangle-Square-Circle-X-L2-L2-Down-Up
  10. Fat: Triangle-Top-Top-Left-Right-Square-Circle-Bottom
  11. Gangs: L2-L2-R2-R1-Up-L2-Down-L1-Right
  12. Chaos: Down-Left-Up-Left-X-R1-R2-L1-L2
  13. Sturdy: Triangle-Up-Top Left-Right-Square-Circle-Left
  14. High jump ability: Up-Up-Triangle-Triangle-Up-Up-Left-Right-Square-R1-R1
  15. Riot: Down-Right-Square-Triangle-Triangle-XX-L2-L1
  16. Uninhabited City (Waste Land): R2-L2-XX-Circle-Square-Triangle-Triangle-L2-R2
  17. Skinny: Triangle-Top-Top-Left-Right-Square-Circle-Right
  18. Increase attractiveness in women: Top-Left-Left-Bottom-Circle-Square-Triangle-Triangle-X-R1-R1
  19. Villagers: XX-Triangle-L2-R2-Circle-L2-Circle-Up-Down-R1
  20. War between cities: Right-Right-Left-Up-Down-Triangle-Triangle-R2-R1-XX
  21. CJ’s home phone: Triangle-Square-Circle-Circle-Square-Circle-Circle-L2-L1-L1-R2-R1
  22. Love Hit: R1-Up-L1-Left-Left-R2-L2-Circle-Right
  23. Stamina: Up-Left-Down-Circle-Square-L2-L2-L1-R2-R1
  24. Never hungry: Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-L2-L2-L1-R2-R2-R1
  25. Money-blood-shield: R2-R1-L2-X-Left-Down-Right-Up-Left-Down-Right-Up
  26. Recruit: R2-R1-R1-R2-R1-R1-Left-Left-Right-Right-Left-Left
  27. Hire pedestrians (AK47): R2-R1-R1-R2-R1-R1-Left-Left-Right-Left-Left-Right
  28. Hire Pedestrians (rocket launcher/bazooka): R2-R1-R1-R2-R1-R1-Left-Left-Right-Right-Right-Left
  29. Respect: Up-Left-Down-Left-Circle-Square-X-Triangle-Triangle-L2-R2
  30. Everyone attacks you: Down-Up-Up-Up-X-R1-R2-L1-L1
  31. turn off wanted: Circle-Right-Circle-Right-Left-Square-Triangle-Up
  32. Activate wanted: Circle-Right-Circle-Right-Left-Box-X-Bottom

GTA San Andreas weapon cheats

If you want to use weapons freely, activate the list of GTA PS3 weapon cheat codes below:

  1. Unlimited bullets: Down-X-Down-X-R2-R1-Up-Triangle-Left-Circle
  2. Death hit: X-L2-L2-X-Square-Circle-R1-R2-R1-R2
  3. Weapon set 1: R2-R1-L2-R1-Left-Down-Right-Up-Left-Down-Right-Up
  4. Weapon Set 2: R2-R1-L2-R1-Left-Down-Right-Up-Left-Down-Down-Left
  5. Weapon Set 3: R2-R1-L2-R1-Left-Down-Right-Up-Left-Down-Down-Down
  6. Weapons for all: R1-R2-X-Triangle-X-Triangle-Up-Down
  7. Weapon skill: Up-Left-Down-Circle-Square-R2-Right-R2-R1

GTA San Andreas PS3 cheat code

You can also use various types of vehicles in GTA San Andreas without the need to steal. Here’s the complete list of vehicle cheats:

  1. Jetpack: Left-Right-L2-L1-R2-R1-Up-Down-Left-Right
  2. Dozer: X-R1-L1-L2-Down-Box-Left-XX-Right-R1
  3. Combat helicopter: Circle-Square-Square-Circle-Triangle-L2-Up-L1-L1-Down-Down-X
  4. Flying fish: R1-Circle-Up-L2-Right-R2-Top-Right-Square-Triangle
  5. Invulnerable car: L1-R2-R1-L2-XX-Circle-Circle-Checkerboard
  6. Traffic light: Right-R2-Up-L1-L1-Left-R2-L2-R2-R2
  7. Driving while shooting: L1-L1-R1-R1-L2-R2-Down-Down-Up-Up-X-Triangle
  8. Improve driving ability: Triangle-R2-R2-Left-R2-L2-R1-L2
  9. Flying car: Right-R1-Circle-R2-L1-Square-R2-R1
  10. Nascar Car 3: R2-Circle-R1-Right-L2-L1-XX-Square-R2
  11. Nascar Car 1: Down-R2-Circle-L1-L1-X-R2-L2-Left-Left
  12. Nascar Car 2: Top-Right-Right-L2-Top-Right-Square-L1
  13. Caddy: Circle-L2-Up-R2-L1-X-R2-L2-Circle-X
  14. Ambulance: Down-R1-Down-R2-L1-Left-R2-L2-Left-Right
  15. Powerful car: L2-L1-L1-Up-Down-Down-Up-R2-R1-R1
  16. Car nascar: R1-L2-Circle-Right-L2-R2-Right-Up-Circle-R1
  17. Garbage car: Circle-R2-Circle-R2-Left-Left-R2-L2-Circle-Right
  18. Flying car: Triangle-Triangle-Square-Circle-X-L1-L1-Down-Up
  19. Four-wheel motor: Left-Left-Down-Down-Up-Up-Square-Circle-Triangle-R2-R1
  20. Parachute: Left-Right-L2-L1-R2-R1-R1-Up-Down-Right-L2
  21. Driver becomes aggressive: R1-Circle-R2-L1-Left-R2-L2-R1-L1
  22. Motorboat (ship boat): Square-Triangle-X-Circle-Up-Left-Bottom-Right-L2-R2
  23. Aircraft stunt: Circle-Up-L2-L1-Down-R2-L2-L2-Left-Left-X-Triangle
  24. All vehicles destroyed: R1-L1-R2-L2-L1-R1-Square-Triangle-Circle-Triangle-L1 -L2
  25. All vehicles transparent: Triangle-L2-Triangle-R1-Square-L2-L2
  26. All good cars: Square-Left-X-Right-L2-L1-R2-R1-Right-Right-Up
  27. Tanks: Circle-Circle-L1-Circle-Circle-Circle-Circle-L2-Circle-Circle-Circle-L2-L1-R2-Triangle-Circle-Triangle
  28. Tanker: R1-L1-L2-R2-Triangle-Down-Down-X-Left-Square-Circle
  29. Vortex: Triangle-Triangle-Square-Circle-X-L2-L1-Down-Down

GTA San Andreas PS3 Cheats Time and Weather

You can also manipulate time and weather by activating the following cheats:

  1. Storm: R1-Triangle-R1-Triangle-Circle-Circle-Left-Right-Up-Up
  2. Sandstorm: Up-Down-L2-L2-L1-L1-L2-L1-R2-R1
  3. Berawan: R1-X-L2-L2-L1-L1-L1-Kotak
  4. Foggy weather: R1-X-L2-L2-L1-L1-L1-X
  5. The weather changes quickly: Circle-Circle-L2-Square-L2-Square-Square-L2-Triangle-Circle-Triangle
  6. Light rain: R1-X-L2-L2-L1-L1-L1-Circle
  7. Cerah: R1-X-L2-L2-L1-L1-L1-Segitiga
  8. Very bright: R1-X-L2-L2-L1-L1-L1-Down
  9. Beach party: Top-Up ,Bottom-Bottom-Square-Circle-L2-R2-Triangle-Bottom
  10. Dusk: X-Down-Down-X-Up-Up-L2-R1-R1-L2
  11. Midnight: X-Down-Down-X-Up-Up-L2-L1-L1-L2
  12. Atmosphere funhouse: Circle-L2-R2-Circle-L2-R2-X-R2-R2-R1-R1
  13. Ninjas everywhere: Triangle-XXX-L2-L1-Left-Top-Left
  14. Time is running fast: Triangle-Up-Right-Down-L1-L2-Square
  15. Time is running slowly: Triangle-Up-Right-Down-Square-R1-R2

That’s the most complete collection of GTA San Andreas PS3 cheat codes in the world of money you can try. With the cheats above, you can use the GTA San Andreas Immune Blood cheat, the GTA San Andreas apocalypse cheat, the anti-police GTA San Andreas cheat, and so on.

To see the GTA San Andreas PS2, PC, and Android cheats, click the link below:

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