The Most Complete and Latest Stronghold Crusader PC Cheat 2022

Cheat stronghold crusader become an alternative choice for lovers of this war game so that the game becomes easy.

Stronghold Crusader is an old school war game that has been released since 2002. This war game has similarities to the Three Kingdom and Age of Empire games where in war games like this you have to be able to build an army by gathering resources.

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This Stronghold Crusader game tells the story of a crusade that occurred in ancient times. You can choose the troops you want.

Each troop has its own uniqueness and to be able to win the war you must be able to strategize and manage your troops.

To play this old school game, you don’t need high PC specifications. The game graphics provided for old school games are still very good, the animations are also realistic like war games in general.

Here we have prepared various password codes for each version of the Stronghold Crusader. There is a stronghold crusader 1 cheat, a stronghold crusader 2 cheat and a stronghold crusader 3 cheat. Without further ado, just check!

cheat stronghold crusader

How to Activate the Stronghold Crusader Cheat

When in the main menu press the button CTRL and type Triblade2002.

Stronghold Crusader PC Cheats in English

  • Increase money and popularity: ALT + X
  • All missions unlock: ALT + C
  • The enemy’s fortress is destroyed: ALT + K
  • Destroys selected enemy targets: ALT + Z
  • The main fortress was instantly destroyed: ALT + G
  • Debug Mode enabled: ALT + D
  • Level up the character: ALT + P
  • All items are free: ALT + F
  • Changing time: ALT + S
  • Compression time: ALT + Q
  • All enemies are eliminated: ALT + Y

Stronghold Crusader 2 Cheat Complete and Updated

  • Finishing the Lionheart campaign: “Lionheart” Campaign
  • Finishing Saladin’s campaign: “Saladin” Campaign
  • Get 100 knights: All Knight Long
  • Throw 100 animals: Animal Air Strike
  • Build 50 towers and 50 huts: Architect
  • Sending weapons to friends: Arms Dealer
  • Dissolve 1,000 buildings: Demolition Man
  • Getting 100,000 food: Farmer King
  • Get 10,000 weapons: Forge Lord
  • Get 100,000 resources: Industry Baron
  • Get 1,000,000 gold: Millionaire
  • Win multiplayer against seven kings without alliance: Not So Magnificent Seven
  • Killing God using assassin: Assassin’s Deed
  • Killing God using a sick cow: Fetchez the Cow!
  • Kill 50 Lord’s troops: Let None Stand in my Way
  • Killing a jester: The Killing Joke
  • Killed 50,000 soldiers: Warrior 1st Class
  • Kill 5 lions using a slave driver: Lion Tamer
  • Killing the enemy lord using your lord: You Win or You Die
  • Heal disease and injury: Medic!

Cheat Stronghold Crusader 3

For stronghold crusader 3 you can only take advantage of the glitch in this game. Just look at the following cheat.

Infinite Arrow

Fill the Towers you have, put your archers into other Towers.

Pause / Jeda

Open a market trade or Barrack / Mercenary post and press the P button.

Tips for Playing Stronghold Crusader

There are several tips and strategies that you can apply when playing the Stronghold Crusader game. Here are some tips that you can use.

  • Open gaps in some walls to trap the enemy, because the enemy will immediately attack your Lord.
  • Make towers and stairs, then place your archers on the tower so that the enemy focuses on attacking your tower.
  • Build churches to increase popularity.
  • Group farm buildings close together to increase production fast
  • Use the assassin to kill the opposing Lord.
  • When attacking, destroy the enemy’s trading post so that the enemy’s supply and stock disappears.
  • Use slaves as shields and bait for enemies.
  • Use the Horse Archer to patrol the castle as he can attack while running.
  • Use Arab troops because they have great power damage and are cheap compared to crusaders.

Okay, that’s the complete stronghold crusader 1, 2 and 3 cheats that you can try. Don’t forget to continue to support EXP by sharing the articles with your friends to keep them updated with information about games from us.

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