The Most Accurate Way to Track Someone’s Location Via Email/Gmail 2019

How to Track Someone’s Location Via Email

How to Track Someone’s Location Via Email – Being able to track someone’s whereabouts remotely is no longer an impossible thing to do. By only relying on a smart phone device and a laptop or computer device, you can easily find the point of someone’s whereabouts. The trick is to use a means of sending messages based on an internet connection or called email.

This method is quite effective and can track someone’s whereabouts with promising accuracy. If the email function is generally only used as a medium for email and sending messages via the internet, then now you can use it for tracking someone’s whereabouts.

Someone’s Location Tracker App

Actually, there are many ways that can be done in practice tracking someone’s location, such as using a tracking application that has been present in various choices of android applications. Among a number of applications that function as trackers are:

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This tracking application called Bosco brings a feature of tracking someone’s whereabouts in real time. For example, as a parent who wants to monitor your child’s whereabouts in privacy, you can use the Bosco application so that your child is monitored online and can make sure he or she is safe.

Facebook Messenger

Besides being used as a short message application, Facebook Messenger It turns out that it can also be used as an application to track someone’s whereabouts! The way it works is through the latest messenger feature which has been updated by the developer where every user of this apk can share their location with friends on facebook.

Google Maps

Through the use of Google maps, this digital map user apk not only provides travel path information but can also track a person’s journey directly.

Trustec Contacts

If you want to monitor the whereabouts of someone be it a boyfriend, friend or family, you can use an application made by Google called trusted contacts. This apk allows you to be able to know the whereabouts of your loved ones in real time with a very easy usage procedure.


Even more interesting if you use Zenly, this tracking application makes it easy to find out where someone is by simply using the phone number that he has as long as that person also uses Zenly like you.

Find My Friends

Tracking someone’s location can also be done with the find my friends application. Tracking with this apk provides real time location information of a person.

Android Device Manager

If the tracking application called Android Device Manager is more functioned as a smartphone tracker that has been lost or has been stolen by someone. But its function can also be used as a tracker of someone’s whereabouts by inserting your Google acknowledgment into that person’s cell phone.


Like Facebook Messenger, the Whatsapp application also has a location sharing feature and can be used as an apk to track someone’s location secretly.

The TruthSpy

For those of you who feel suspicious about someone’s activities, you can track and monitor their whereabouts by using the The TruthSpy apk.

Lockwatch – Thief Cacther

The main function of the Lockwatch – Thief Catcher apk is as a lost cell phone tracker and an image capturer of the thief’s face. The cool thing is that this apk can also be used as a tracking device for someone’s location.
As for the use of each of the tracking applications mentioned above, you can find out through the Google search engine. There are many articles that review how to use each of these apks.

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How to Track Other People’s Positions Via Email/Gmail Accounts

Furthermore, for those of you who want to track someone’s location via email, you can listen and try to practice the following steps.

1. To start the steps for tracking someone’s location via email, please enter the Google Settings menu on the android phone that you are using.

How to Track Someone's Location Via Email Easy and Fast

2. Select the Google menu >> Security >> Enable Remotely Locate This Device and Allow Remote Lock and Erase. By activating this menu, you will be able to track someone’s location via email.

How to Track Other People's Positions Through Gmail Accounts

3. Access the url from your computer or cellphone. But if I may suggest accessing it using a PC because it is easy and simple.

4. Then please log in or login to someone’s email account on the target cellphone.

How to Track Someone Else's Location Using Email

5. Wait until the “accept” and “close” menu appears. Please select “accept”.

How to know the position of others via email

6. Menu options will appear Rename This Device (to change the name of the cellphone), Locate Device (to track the location of the cellphone user), Ring This Device (to turn on the cellphone sound), and Set Up Lock and Erase (to delete data on the cellphone). Please select as needed.

How to Find Someone's Location Through Gmail

7. Enjoy, you have managed to find the position of other people’s whereabouts via email.

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With the above method you can also use it to track a lost cellphone number or find out the position of a lost cellphone via email. So actually this can be used according to your respective needs. That is all and thank you.

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