The mechanics behind slot machines

since 19The tenth Century, slot machines sunk into the hearts of the masses. Originally, games could be found in pubs, bars, arcades, department stores and even post offices before making their way onto the casino floor, where they would quickly make up 70% of average annual income. Slot machines require absolutely no skill, and due to their simple gameplay and technological advancement adding extra features to the mix; Slot machines have become increasingly popular over the years.

So, whether you choose to play Slots online on Sky Vegas, for example, or spin the reels at your local establishment, the question remains: How do the slots play? truly work? Read on to discover the mechanisms behind the machines, before and after technology came onto the scene…

before technology

The first slot machine that allowed automatic payout was created by Charles Augustus Gey in 1997-1895. Known as the Liberty Bell, the instrument consisted of three reels with five symbols: hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes, and the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell icon provided the highest payout, and the device worked by inserting a coin which then allowed you to pull a lever. The lever will move the pulleys by extending a spring inside the machine which gradually stops the pulleys from spinning.

Although this spring mechanism gives players a sense of control over the game, the outcome has remained completely random. This design inspired many slot machines for years to come, earning avid gamers the nickname “armed bandits”.

The modern era

In 1964, the first electromechanical hatch was developed. While the game was still active by pulling a lever, it paved the way for the first true video slot in 1976.

Once slot games went digital, the lever mechanism was phased out and replaced with a button because it no longer needed to pull a spring. In fact, it was the computer program that was developed to generate random results for the games that took command, allowing for further development of games and codes with themes, bonus rounds and even features like free spins.

random number generators

These electromechanical games are kept fair and unpredictable with the help of a random number generator (RNG) – reliable software that will create unique patterns of numbers and symbols. The beauty of an RNG game is that it has no memory, so it doesn’t matter what happened previously in the game. Moreover, the program produces a new unexpected result every second, so the moment you hit spin is the moment your fate is decided.

Games and bonus codes

In 1996 the first online casino opened its virtual doors, and it didn’t take long for Slots to spin aboard. More and more themed games are being developed, the graphics have been improved and the gameplay has become more efficient. The accessibility of the games increased their popularity, and online banking paved the way for bigger prizes and prizes.

New features, such as cascading reels and expanding wilds, have been developed, making gameplay more exciting than ever. And while some games get more complex, with so much more to offer, the mechanics remain the same – with RNG to ensure Slots remains a fun and fair game of chance, no matter where the reels are spinning.

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