The meaning of the dream of theft according to Javanese Primbon Interpretation

The meaning of the dream of theft according to Javanese Primbon Interpretation – When our things are stolen by others, of course we will feel sad. Especially if the item is a valuable item. Let alone stolen, lost because of our carelessness will make us dizzy, right? Not only do you have to search, you also have to take care of other things such as making a loss report etc.

Whether it’s goods, letters, and others, if lost, it will be troublesome. Indeed, all that is in us is just a deposit. But after all we must be able to maintain and care for everything that is in us.

But what if it happened in your dream? Is this dream a bad sign for you or does it have the opposite meaning of the dream?

Let’s see the article KavSar.Net The following will discuss the interpretation of the dream of a thief based on Javanese primbon.

Some dream interpretations of theft of treasure

1. The meaning of the dream of theft of money

When someone dreams of theft of money based on Javanese primbon signifies a good thing. This dream is a warning for us to stay humble and not arrogant.

We are reminded to continue to do good. In addition, with this dream we are made aware that all that we have is solely a gift from Allah SWT. who will be held accountable.

That’s why, whether it’s wealth or other things, don’t make it a benchmark to be proud of yourself and share it with those around you.

2. The meaning of the dream of theft of a cellphone

Have you ever lost your cellphone? Cellphones in this era are like valuable objects, we can also call them wallets, there are many important things on our cellphones. What if this phone is lost? It must be very dizzy because the contents on the cellphone are important.

If this happens in a dream, it signifies that there are people who are constantly following you. That person is someone who has bad intentions towards you. Be careful of the people around you. It could be because of jealousy or dislike of yourself.

3. Dream Meaning Theft of Treasure and Jewelry

Property is something valuable. But remember that everything we have is just a deposit. When the property is lost what will happen?

When you dream of your property being stolen, it means that there will be success that you will achieve. It is based on Javanese primbon. All the efforts you have done so far will give you very proud and satisfying results.

Be grateful for all the luck you get and don’t forget to share it with people who need it.

4. Car Theft Dream Meaning

The interpretation based on Javanese primbon of dreams of losing a car has the meaning that something very valuable will be lost. That something can be in the form of work, goods, or other things. Take care and maintain something in a good way and don’t worry about it.

5. Motorcycle Theft Dream Meaning

Unlike the previous meaning, when you dream of theft of a motorbike based on Javanese primbon, it means that there will be failure. What you want will not be achieved. From this dream we can be more careful in acting. Don’t be in a hurry to make a decision. However, keep the spirit and never give up in realizing your dreams.

Some interpretations of pet theft dreams

6. The Meaning of Dreams about Cow Thief

Cows are one of the animals that have a high selling value. When entering the feast of sacrifice, the price of cows soars. Many people hunt cows for sacrifice.

When you dream of a stolen cow, it means that you do not pray before sleeping. We are taught to pray before going to bed, so that when we sleep we are not disturbed by jinn or demons. In addition, so that when we sleep we are protected by Allah SWT.

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Thus the meaning of the interpretation of the dream of a thief that has been explained. Hopefully this dream article is useful for you all, thank you.

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