The Latest and Most Complete SOE Trial Test Example for 2022

Are you currently looking for information about the Latest BUMN Trial Test Example 2022 which will soon be held by BUMN? If so, let’s just take a look at the full review that we will share with you below.

For information, state-owned enterprises (BUMN) were established based on binding legal force, namely Law No.19 of 2003 concerning State-Owned Enterprises. SOEs themselves play a role in producing goods and slashes or services needed in order to realize the greatest prosperity of the people.

On the other hand, the earth also has a strategic role as an executor of public services to balance the strengths of the large private sector, and also helps in the development of small businesses/cooperatives.

BUMN is also a significant source of state revenue in the form of various types of taxes, dividends, and also the proceeds of privatization. The role of BUMN is also felt to be increasingly important as a pioneer and slash or pioneer in the business sector that is not yet in demand by private companies.

BUMN itself has just opened a massive recruitment of new employees in various regions throughout Indonesia. One of the recruitment series is a trial test which contains questions that must be answered by applicants who have passed the administrative selection.

Well, on this occasion we will share information about the 2022 BUMN Trial Test example which we will summarize in this edition of the article which you can read in full below.

Information About the 2022 BUMN Trial Test that You Must Know!

Based on the explanation above, of course, state-owned enterprises really need the best quality human resources to become their employees. Therefore, the Ministry of SOEs opens simultaneous recruitment for Indonesian citizens who want to work as employees in SOEs.

On Monday, May 9, 2022, the results of the joint recruitment administration selection for 2022 BUMN were announced simultaneously throughout Indonesia. For applicants who have passed the administrative selection, they must follow the next stage before becoming a permanent employee of a BUMN.

The next stage is the basic ability test (TKD) and also the core values ​​of BUMN which will be held from 19 to 24 May 2022. But before that, applicants must take a preparatory exam called a trial test which aims to make prospective participants familiar with the online test platform. which will be used later.

The existence of this policy makes participants get ready and start looking for information about the 2022 BUMN trial test examples via the internet. In the following, we will present an example of a trial test that you can use as a reference to study and prepare before the test takes place.

The link for the 2022 BUMN Trial Test Example that You Must Understand!

Reporting from his official Instagram, prospective participants who have passed the administrative selection will receive an email containing the online schedule for the TKD test and the SOE value. Before carrying out the test, participants must take a trial test as an experiment before undergoing the actual test.

You need to know, the final filling of this test does not affect the participant’s score at all, and can be considered as just an experiment or practice. For the assessment, SOEs have an assessment based on AKHLAK (Many, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive, Collaborative)

You can see an example of a BUMN trial test and understand it in the following question, which we will also present a discussion of.

1. Dichotomy = …?

A. Rancu

B. Double

C. Two way

D. Dual power

E. Divide by two

Solution: Dichotomy can be interpreted as the division of two conflicting groups, so that based on choices from A to D, the correct answer is C. Two-way

2. Oven : … = …. : Photo

A. Toaster – Album

B. Bread – Camera

C. Gosong – Model

D. Mature – Photographer

E. Heat – Lenses

Solution: The analogy shows that A is a tool to produce B, so the first analogy that applies is that an oven is a tool to produce bread, while the second analogy is that a camera is a tool to produce bread. So, the most correct answer is B. Bread-Camera.

Link to sample SOE trial test questions: click here

In addition to the link above, you can search for a collection of BUMN trial test questions by following telegram channels that share links or e-books about these questions.

Finally, that’s the information about the Latest BUMN Trial Test Example 2022 that we can share with you, hopefully it will be useful and successful in working on the questions given. Always look forward to the latest information that we will update every day on our site which is certainly useful and a pity for you to miss.

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