The ‘King’ Crash Event, Netizens Express Their Dissatisfaction With Loud M4ngsa Who Failed To Control Em0si – Awattt Syeikhhh Network

A woman was in front of the car when her car was involved in a collision with a Type Per02 Myvi car on Saturday in Penchala.Link around 5 pm.

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Through the uploaded ‘’ video recording, the Myvi driver was involved in hitting him from behind before reversing a few meters away from this woman’s car.


It is understood that the incident was caused when the Myvi driver in question was playing on the phone while driving and lost focus.

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In any case, the Myvi driver denied the said allegations, on the contrary, he informed that he was looking at ‘waze’ before the incident.


In a state of panic and trauma, the owner of the account, who is also a victim, behaved angrily at the driver of the Myvi while he was looking for something in his vehicle.

In a state of panic and trauma, the owner of the account who is also the victim did not act like he was yelling at the Myvi driver when he was looking for something in his vehicle.


It is not appropriate for him to complain because everyone already knows that both are still in a state of trauma and it is appropriate for them to calm each other down, even that the fault was caused by the Myvi driver earlier.

Looking into the account belonging to the owner of d4shcam, now his party still needs other evidence and calls on people who were at the scene not to mind sharing information.

Not only that, he also shared the current situation of his family and children who were also involved in the related events.

SOURCE: Dash.Azzra

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