The JerValiN Streamer beats the legendary near-impossible Halo 2 Challenge in 6.5 hours of running

After nearly two decades, an incredible Halo player named JerValiN has finally achieved the impossible – a successful run of Halo 2’s LASO (Legendary All Skulls On) challenge.

Halo is known for producing a number of tough races and challenges, but few have been frustratingly challenging like this. The ‘impossible’ run is hailed, and not a single player has been able to complete this challenge since the game’s launch in 2004. And for good reason – the game’s set of extreme difficulty settings, each challenging reward rate, and the death-free side proved. Fatal for online gamers.


However, streamer JerValiN, armed with determination and love for the Halo series, took this challenge head-on. After weeks of running insanely close, he finally beat the game in an amazing 6.5 hour race.

JerValiN and Halo 2’s LASO Challenge Story

It all starts with a popular YouTuber who sparked new enthusiasm for this challenge. Charlie released “Cr1tikal” White Jr. A call earlier this summer, challenging players to defeat the Halo 2 LASO Deathless run. Competitors had to trickle down the entire round, and if they were successful, they would get an impressive $5,000 bonus. When no one was able to complete the challenge by July, White increased the reward to $20,000.

A number of players took on the mantle of the race, broadcasting hours upon hours of trying after another. One of the broadcast pioneers, JerValiN, started to rise amongst the group, and he proved to be one of the pioneers of the challenge. His skill, which was built from achieving a number of Halo world records, brought him as close as ever – all the way to victory.

Follow the full JerValiN stream to play here

Playing LASO throws everything at the player – especially enemies with higher health and damage. Add more resource management and invisible enemies, and players will have a real challenging battlefield. Not to mention the Deathless element of the challenge, which means the game has to be completed in one life. Talk about the impossible!

To the cheers of chat and family, JerValiN broke into an enormous smile when the cut scene appeared. Continuing what White himself said was “the toughest challenge of all games”, JerValiN has established itself in Halo history. In addition, the duration of the entire round was only 6 hours, 29 minutes and 44 seconds.

When the game’s final credits were played, he said proudly, “That’s all in the chat! We did it. Feeling good, man! I feel comfortable. I had a lot of stress and chattingAnd the Too much pressure. I felt I should be the first to do it. FElt like it should be me. I felt like it wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t me. It’s a load! We did it.

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