The husband wears his wife’s breastfeeding clothes, the husband and wife joke on the child and are reprimanded by the ustazah

Undeniably since the advent of the TikTok app, a handful of users like to ‘lose their minds’ when uploading videos that are deemed funny but otherwise full of outrage.

Recently, ustazah independent speaker Sharifah Zahidah Syed Nooh reprimanded a couple who shared a video about a joke against their daughter without thinking about the bad effects in the future.

According to Sharifah Zahidah, the recording showed the man mistakenly wearing a breastfeeding shirt that could be sewn belonging to his wife before the alleged prank took place in front of the public.

The 34 -year -old speaker said the man then asked the child to ‘drink his milk’ and the act was deemed disgusting.

Not only that, it can indirectly confuse young children who still do not understand the good and bad situations their parents do.

“There are things, we do with the couple secretly in the house, it’s a funny and entertaining thing. Kind of in this video.
“But the same thing like this is different when made outside the house and in a public place to be a public spectacle, it becomes ugly and sometimes disgusting,” he wrote in a post on his Facebook page, yesterday.

Sharifah Zahidah said, she called on the public, especially netizens, not to make sensitive parts of the body a joke between father and son because it can induce the lust of pedophiles.

This is because the act is often used as the material of the imagination of the group involved apart from the possibility of incest in a family.

“This video is disgusting for normal people, normal for some others, but it raises orgasm and DREAM for pedophiles. So please, STOP.
“Cases of incest also start from such” simple jokes “at home,” he said. he said.

In addition, he also asked the owner of the video to delete the video immediately to avoid confusion in the ummah and can be used as a lesson for all.

To date, the post has received a total of 853 shares and 1,400 likes as well as various comments from netizens who were also upset to see the couple’s jokes.

Source: Facebook Sharifah Zahidah

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