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The game had a hard time naming a single feature for 50 Cent.

The feud between the Los Angeles rapper and his former brand boss doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. The two rap giants have been at each other’s throats for years due to the G-Unit cut. Their fight reignited this past March, and The Game has been very vocal about how he feels about Fifty ever since.

The “My Life” rapper was recently asked to call out one feature 50 Cent on the I Am Athlete podcast and his response was in line with his recent remarks about the New York rapper. He appeared at the present time and is preparing to drop his tenth album Drillmatic: Ideas vs. coronary heart arterywhich was revealed late.

When asked to touch on a feature of his assistant 50 Cent in “Hate It Or Love It,” he sarcastically stated that one generally wants free change.

Yo, let’s figure it out. Let’s simply say you left your pockets at home. You’re in your car, you park in L.A., and there’s a parking meter. You open your center console, and you buy a dollar,” continued the old rapper 42 years old.

His analogy went a little further as he added, “The parking meter doesn’t take the green. Then you scrape the underside, before the Chapstick, before the earbuds, and then you figure out a quarter, like 25 cents. You’ll be able to stay there for about a quarter of an hour. Change Free, you generally want it.”

The two have been at odds for a few years now, but the feud seems to have subsided recently. Once he broke out again after dwarf 50 Cent roasted The Game after trials he was given by Interscope Data President Jimmy Iovine at an NBA recreation.

As for his later work, Drillmatic, the album was pushed straight to its July 17 release date after initially stating that it might drop in June. Now he mentioned that he would be late again.

The game was written in a lengthy post on Instagram. “I have experienced disloyalty to unimaginable extents by the people I trusted with my coronary heart, money, career, and livelihood. Not only have I been betrayed and stabbed.. I have been left to choose items on my own.”

“I have no form of reckoning or being offended by anyone for choosing to act according to the way they are lately and charging love and kind needs from today onwards as there is no such thing as hate, grudge or revenge in my coronary heart,” he continues.

“The date is August 12, 2022 and I promise you it will not change or move,” he said. “I gave all the things I give to this album and I assure you of happiness.”

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