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The following are not the basic movement techniques of Pencak Silat

The following are not the basic movement techniques of pencak silat, namely:


1. Easel technique

Judging from the shape, the horse technique is divided into light horses, medium horses, and heavy horses. Meanwhile, based on the weight of the focus, this technique is divided into front stances, rear stances, middle stances, and side stances.

2. Tide attitude technique

Tidal stance is a combination of hand and foot behavior, both with and without a horse, which is accompanied by total mental and sensory alertness. This is because the behavior of pairs is a prelude to carrying out an attack or defense.

There are two types of tide behavior, namely open and closed pairs. Open pairs with hands and arms do not protect the body, on the contrary, closed pairs with hands and arms protect the body.

In addition, there are various kinds of pairs of postures that are carried out in a stance, standing, to sitting. To master it, you need to ask a coach for support to learn it one by one.

3. Directional technique

The basic technique of pencak silat that you need to know next is the direction. You really need an understanding of direction in the formation of movements, both when attacking and defending.

The direction you should know is the direction of the eight cardinal directions, namely the attitude or steps in the basic movement of pencak silat with the fulcrum in the middle.

4. Step example technique

After mastering the horses & direction, next you need to learn step example techniques. The step is a characteristic feature in pencak silat self-defense, which this technique needs to be carried out well and correctly.

In general, examples of pencak silat steps can be divided into straight steps, side steps, oblique steps, cross steps, twisting steps, and twisting steps.

When taking steps to change positions, you can also master several techniques, such as lifting steps, sliding steps, sliding steps, and jumping steps.

5. Shot technique

Punch is a basic technique of pencak silat that you need to master next. Both your hands and arms serve as tools to attack your opponent in this martial sport.

There are several basic attack techniques that can be learned, such as front punches, side punches, sangkol punches (pendulum punches), and circle punches.

In addition to mastering the movement technique, you can also strengthen your stroke by doing strength training and building arm muscles.

6. Kick technique

pencak silat kick technique

Legs and soles of the feet can also be an effective means of attack to deal with the enemy. You need strength and speed to learn the basic movements of this one pencak silat.

There are several foot attack techniques by kicking, such as straight kicks, stab kicks, straight kicks, T kicks, funnel kicks, sickle kicks, back kicks, and other combinations.

Because this movement is quite dangerous, you should always make sure to practice kicking techniques with your instructor.

7. Blocking technique

Pencak silat also has defensive or defensive movements just like other martial sports, one of which is defense. Parry is a defense technique by making direct contact with parts of the opponent’s body that carry out the attack.

The counter movement aims to block or move the opponent’s attack. Parry can use a combination of hand, arm, elbow and leg movements.

Several blocking techniques, such as parry parry, gedik parry, elbow parry, knee parry, pinch parry, and cut parry can be done with a partner or coach who attacks you.

8. Cutting technique

After attacking & defending, next you need to disable the opponent’s movement. Scissors are a technique to bring down an opponent by pinning both legs on the target, such as the neck, waist, or legs until the enemy falls.

Cutouts consist of outer cutouts & inner cutouts. Technique really requires speed & accuracy of foot movement. Beginners are advised to practice this technique vigorously to avoid the risk of injury.

9. Lock technique

As the name implies, lockdown is a basic technique in pencak silat martial arts to lock, control, and make the opponent helpless. You can use a combination of hands, feet, or other body parts to do the lock.

Lockdowns usually involve some basic movements, namely dodging and catching to target pieces of the enemy’s body, such as wrists, arms, neck, and shoulders.

Pencak silat also has various kinds of movements apart from the basic techniques above. Due to the high risk of injury, you should practice pencak silat at a pencak silat studio or high school to receive instructions from the coach.

Meanwhile, if you have a high risk of shoulder, ankle, or head injury, consult your doctor before starting to practice pencak silat.


The following is the basic move in pencak silat is a sequence of several basic moves into a combination of attack & in pencak silat​


Basic variations and combinations in pencak silat can be done with several techniques. Good technique will encourage a pencak silat athlete to receive the best results.


Variations in pencak silat are divided into:

1. Variations of the basic movements of pencak silat

2. Variations of the basic techniques of pencak silat

The following are not basic movement techniques in pencak silat





5 by the STEP





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The following is not a basic movement technique in pencak silat, namely:


The following is not a pencak silat technique, namely throwing. Kicks in pencak silat are executed by the shins and soles of the feet. Relakan or Tangkisay is a punch movement used to attack the enemy or defend against enemy attacks

The following are not the basic movement techniques of pencak silat, namely:

Pencak silat is one of the martial arts guidelines that has several basic techniques. Here are some basic techniques in pencak silat.

  1. Easel technique.
  2. Tide attitude technique.
  3. Step technique.
  4. Hitting technique.
  5. Kick technique.
  6. Blocking technique.
  7. Kick technique.


So, what is not mentioned above is that which is not a basic technique of pencak silat.

Pencak silat is one of the martial arts fatwas originating from Indonesia. Along with the progress of the times, now pencak silat is starting to spread throughout the world. Even now, pencak silat is one of the sports in several world sports championships. Pencak silat can be done individually or in doubt. To distinguish it from other martial arts, pencak silat has several special characteristics. The following are some of the characteristics of the martial art of pencak silat.

  • Calm, limp, & alert attitude.
  • Using the whole body
  • Can be done with or without tools.
  • Expend energy as efficiently as possible.
  • There are several elements in every movement, namely flexibility, agility, speed, and accuracy.

In addition, in pencak silat there are some basic techniques that every player must master. Here are the basic techniques in pencak silat martial arts.

  • Easel technique.
  • Pair behavior technique.
  • Step technique.
  • Hitting technique.
  • Kick technique.
  • Blocking technique.
  • Kick technique.

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