The Evolution of the OPPO Reno Camera from Time to Time Until the MariSilicon X NPU Appears

Reno is a mobile phone line from OPPO that has advantages in terms of design, features, and interesting innovations from time to time. The most visible innovation of the Reno series is the ability of quality cameras that develop over time.

The evolution of the Reno series camera is also divided into two eras consisting of the Main Camera Era and the Portrait Era. At the beginning of the presence of the first to third generation Reno this became the Main Camera Era because OPPO focused on the ability of the rear camera to make it one of the superior features that users can enjoy.

While the appearance of the fourth to seventh generation Reno signifies the presence of the Portrait Era because in this era OPPO presents a variety of Portrait features that are able to produce Portrait photos with unique and interesting effects so that they can attract the interest of many people to see them.

To find out more about the various features that are presented in the OPPO Reno series in the Main Camera Era and Portrait Era, you can see the following description:

OPPO Reno 10x Zoom


As the first Reno series, the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom comes with support for three rear cameras consisting of a 48 MP main camera, a 13 MP periscope telephoto, and an 8 MP ultrawide.

The main camera of this cellphone is equipped with the LDAF (Laser Detection Autofocus) feature which is able to focus on objects very quickly. In addition, the main camera is also equipped with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) which can stably produce photos or videos even if the user is in motion.

The periscope telephoto camera of this device is capable of aiming at objects far away up to 5x Optical Zoom so as to produce sharp photos. Not only that, OPPO has designed three rear cameras to be able to perform 10x Hybrid Zoom so that it can produce clear photos even when shot from a long distance.

OPPO Reno 10x Zoom has also been equipped with the Ultra Night Mode feature which can produce night photos that are brighter, clearer, and less noisy than using Auto Mode.

OPPO Reno2

OPPOReno2 Featurer

Almost similar to the first generation Reno, this OPPO Reno2 comes with a screen design that completely fills the front because the front camera is on the Shark Fin so that it is hidden in the cellphone.

Named Shark Fin because it will appear like a shark fin when the front camera is activated or the LED Flash is turned on. Not only that, OPPO Reno2 brings a new feature called Ultra Steady Video, Video Bokeh, and Audio Zoom and Audio Focus.

This Ultra Steady Video feature can stabilize recorded videos thanks to a combination of 800Hz Gyroscope, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), and Full HD (1080p) 60fps resolution.

While the Video Bokeh feature allows the recorded subject to be more focused because it makes the background have a bokeh effect. As a result, the subject will become the main focus of attention of the viewer.

The Audio Zoom & Audio Focus feature allows the video to be enlarged or zoomed when the recording process has a sound that sounds clear and good because of the reduction of noise in the surrounding environment.

OPPO Reno3

OPPO Reno3 Unboxing Camera

Since its initial launch, OPPO Reno3 has been equipped with the Ultra Clear 108MP Image feature which can be activated via the XHD (Extra HD) feature in the default camera application.

By activating the XHD feature, the OPPO Reno3 main camera will produce several images simultaneously and then make adjustments in each image layer to the smallest sub-pixel for color correction, sharpness, noise reduction, and dynamic range adjustments.

Thanks to this method, the resulting photo has a large size of up to 108 MP plus rich colors, sharp, and has well-maintained detail so that it can be printed on large media, such as banners, billboards, and billboards.

This Ultra Dark Mode feature is able to produce bright and clear photos even if the user is photographing the environment in a near-dark environment. When lighting conditions are around 0.3 lux to 1 lux, this feature will provide the strongest effect in order to produce very bright photos.

At this time the user activates the Ultra Night Mode feature on the OPPO Reno3, the 44 MP front camera will take several photos simultaneously and combine them to create the ideal selfie photo.

OPPO Reno 4

OPPO Reno 4

OPPO launched Reno4 by presenting three of its flagship features consisting of AI Color Portrait, Night Flare Portrait, Ultra Night Mode. This AI Color Portrait allows users to create unique photos or videos with subjects that still retain their original colors, but the background is black.

While this Night Flare Portrait can produce photos with clearly visible subjects, the background has an artistic neon effect. You could say this feature is very suitable for use in locations that have a lot of flickering lights.

OPPO Reno4 also comes with support for the Ultra Night Mode feature which has increased capabilities compared to the previous generation. Meanwhile, there is also an Ultra Dark Mode feature that can be activated when the surrounding environment has almost dark lighting from 0.3 lux to 1 lux.

OPPO Reno5


OPPO Reno5 has embedded several interesting features consisting of AI Mixed Portrait, AI Highlight Video, and Dual-View Video. AI Mixed Portrait can present videos with double exposure effects so as to provide a fun artistic effect with two choices of modes consisting of Blend or Silhoutte.

While AI Highlight Video is a feature made by OPPO that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to detect light conditions and automatically perform the necessary calculations based on different scenarios.

With the AI ​​Highlight Video feature, you are able to make videos with the subject or object and the background equally clearly visible when in hot sunlight or strong light. While in low light conditions, the resulting video will have a sharp and bright subject or object and the background is made bright so that it remains visible.

This Dual-View Video allows users to record videos using the front and rear cameras at the same time. For appearance, there are three modes at once consisting of Split, Round, and Rectangle.

OPPO Reno 6

OPPO-Reno6-Back Aurora

OPPO presents an increase in the Night Flare Portrait feature which becomes the Bokeh Flare Portrait on the OPPO Reno6. This Bokeh Flare Portrait feature allows users to produce photos with focused and clear subjects, but the background has a round bokeh effect like using a DSLR camera.

There is also an AI Portrait Beautification Video feature that allows the front camera to detect 194 points of the main face so that it can provide a smooth facial effect and natural beauty in the resulting selfie or vlogging video.

In OPPO Reno6, the AI ​​Pallete feature has also been presented which allows users to implement color compositions from wallpapers or photos on their cellphones for photos that have just been taken with the cellphone camera.

OPPO Reno7


OPPO Reno7 is equipped with the Ultra Sensing Selfie feature which is combined with a front camera with a Sony IMX709 sensor so that it offers a higher level of light capture capability. With more light this allows users to produce bright and clear photos.

The most visible result is when the user produces a portrait photo with a bokeh effect with the Auto Portrait and Bokeh Flare Portrait features, where the smallest part of the subject such as hair can be cut neatly against the background with a bokeh effect.

There is also a Selfie HDR feature with an algorithm that automatically minimizes backlight in the background and maintains tone and facial details so that selfie photos have clear subjects with clearly visible backgrounds even in hot sunlight conditions.

While the support for the Portrait Retouching feature utilizes AI algorithms to make the face in selfie photos smooth and natural. With this Portrait Retouching, users can also adjust several effects on the face to make it look more attractive in photos.

MariSilicon X NPU for New Reno series


The evolution of the camera from OPPO Reno from time to time has made OPPO continue to innovate in order to present features that continue to improve each new Reno series that appears compared to the previous generation.

This can also be seen from the presence of the MariSilicon X NPU (Neural Processing Unit) made by OPPO which will be embedded in the next OPPO Reno8 series cellphone. This NPU will provide increased imaging capabilities on the device, both for photos and videos.

MariSilicon X can provide good photo quality on mobile phones with Ultra High Dynamic Range support with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1 or 4 times the dynamic range produced by OPPO Find X3 Pro.

With the latest RAW algorithm, the MariSilicon X chipset can perform artificial intelligence noise reduction on each RGB color channel in parallel to produce clear night Portrait photos.

Photo MariSilicon X

Leaked cellphone photos with MariSilicon X

Even OPPO has shown a little leak regarding the results of interesting night Portrait photos using a device supported by the MariSilicon X NPU. The result is that the photo is able to show the subject’s face clearly and is accompanied by some clearly visible parts of the background.

However, for now it has not been disclosed regarding the specifications or camera capabilities of the latest Reno8 series. For that, you can wait until the time the cellphone line is launched in Indonesia.

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