The Complete Collection of Mathematical Formulas for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Complete Collection of Mathematical Formulas – Many of us may find it difficult or even dislike math lessons at school.

However, actually learning mathematics is not as difficult as it seems, the thing you need to remember and understand is just a collection of mathematical formulas,

so you can solve math problems easily.

A collection of elementary, middle, and high school math formulas

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Remember and understand set of math formulas This is basically the most important thing so that you can easily

learn and solve mathematical problems or problems when taking exams or doing assignments given by the school.

Here the author has summarized a collection of mathematical formulas so that it is easier for you to learn them.

Mathematical Formulas Collection Complete

1. Unit Conversion Formula

Within a unit you will find various forms such as kilometers, hectometers, decameters, meters, decimeters, centimeters, and millimeters.

If you want to change one unit to another, then for the increasing unit, the formula you can use is value: 10 = result. If you want to change the unit down, the formula is the value x 10 = result.

2. Mathematical formula Unit of weight

1 ton = 1000 kg

1 ton = 10 kwintal

1 kwintal = 100 kg

1 kg = 10 ons

1 kg = 2 pon

1 pon = 5 ons

1 pound = 500 grams

1 ons = 100 gram

3. Mathematical formulas for units of quantity

1 dozen = 12 pieces

1 large = 12 linseed

1 gros = 144 pieces

1 condition = 20 sheets

1 ream = 500 sheets

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4. Speed ​​formula

Speed ​​= distance : time

Distance = speed x time

Time = distance : speed

5. The mathematical formula of debit

Discharge = volume : time

Volume = discharge x time

Time = volume : debit

6. Mathematical formula for the area of ​​a flat shape

Square = sxs, circumference 4 xs

Rectangle = pxl, circumference 2 x (pxl)

Triangle = x base xt

Parallelogram = base xt

Trapesium = ½ (a+b) x t

7. Mathematical formula for building volume

Cube = sxsxs, surface area 6 x s²

Balok = p x l x t, luas permukaan 2( p x l + p x t + l x t)

Triangular prism = L base xt, surface area (2 x base area) + ( tx perimeter of base)

Square pyramid = ? x base x height, surface area sxs + 4(area of ​​triangle)

This collection of mathematical formulas that the author has outlined, hopefully can help you in doing math problems

that you will face during the exam later or at least you can use it to help you in

do the assignments that you get from teachers at school or lecturers at your campus.

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In fact, there are many more groups of formulas that the author has not included in this article,

but it looks like the formula that the author has outlined above is enough to help you complete the task.

You can also share this mathematical formula and teach it to your friends so that it can be more useful.

Thank you for visiting this page and article. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.

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