The code for the dream of lizards according to the Javanese Primbon and Erek Erek Books

Lizard Dreamland Code – Code of Nature, as one of the events that is often heard and mentioned as a code of nature, because it is as if nature gave a sign of a number that will come out.

An event or a strange occurrence when experiencing a dream, many people wonder what the code of the dream is.

But all of them are just estimates or predictions from people in the past in translating natural codes into lottery numbers.

Let’s see the review below ..?

Dream Interpretation of Lizards, in a different way from the dream event you experience, of course, will be different from the interpretation of the falling lizard code or other lizard natural codes.

To find out more, please take a look at our detailed review below.

1. Dream of Killing a Lizard

The meaning of the dream of killing a lizard above is that you and your family will be given problems or piled up debt.

The lizard lottery numbers for this dream are:

4D (7700-6566) 3D (2213-213) 2D (33-88).

The meaning of the dream of a lizard, according to an erek erek, the dream addresses There is an opponent in a blanket who is trying to hurt you.

Lottery numbers for Lizard Dreams According to Erek Erek dreams, namely

4D (4356-6655) 3D (547-776) 2D (65-56)

3. Dream of eating lizard

According to the dream book, the dream above is that there is something good that you will get from the people around you,

The lottery numbers for dreams of eating lizards are

4D (9088-2122) 3D (233-334) 2D (99-41).

Did you know that according to Ki Kanjeng Bagus Panut, the meaning of a lizard dream according to Islam is that you will be given a lot of sustenance.

As for the lottery numbers for lizard dreams according to Islam

4D (2211-2344) 3D (223-213) 2D (55-15)

After we read the description above regarding the lizard’s natural code, it is less complete if we do not enter the exact number 2d 3d 4d for the lizard’s crane.

Here we have prepared a summary of lizard numbers from a complete lizard dream book for you, please read it.

Erek Erek Gecko Falling

Some ancient people still believe in this dream, it is said that when someone has a dream of seeing a lizard falling from the roof, it is a sign that one thing that has been fought for in his life is actually in vain.

2D Lizard Dream Book = 08 23
3D Togel Lizard = 088 543
4D Lizard Number = 1119 5533

Erek Erek Lizard Eat Mosquitoes

Javanese primbon explains that someone who has a dream of seeing a lizard eating a mosquito means that the enemy in our life has received peace in his heart.

2D Lizard Togel Number = 15 20
3D Togel Lizard = 100 709
4D Lizard Number = 3077 4390

Erek Erek Lizard Fall

According to Javanese primbon, someone who dreams of being dropped by a large lizard is a sign that you have done something wrong to someone else, so our opinion should change your behavior or actions, so that it does not harm someone.

2D Lizard Togel Number = 19 37
Lizard Togel 3D = 443 218
4D Lizard Number = 4442 8904

Erek Erek sees a lizard laying eggs

As you like when you experience the dream, it is said that when one person experiences a dream of seeing a lizard laying eggs, it means that the future will sparkle for our lives.

2D Lizard Dream Book = 15 04
3D Togel Lizard = 048 111
4D Cicak Togel Number = 2999 5321

According to one expert interpretation, it is estimated that if a person is experiencing a Lizard dream, this means that there is no doubt that your friend’s current living conditions are comfortable and well-off, so don’t feel anxious when you dream of this, and whatever problems you will face soon can damage it well. and wise.

Lizard numbers
2D (55-15)
3D (223-213)
4D (2211-2344)

Erek Erek Lizard Eat Butterflies

The number six is ​​regarding the dream of a lizard eating a butterfly. In Javanese primbon long ago, it was explained that if someone had a dream of seeing a lizard eating a butterfly, it means that our sworn opponent so far has melted his heart and offered peace.

Erek Erek Lizard
2D = 15 20
3D = 100 709
4D = 3077 4390

Ok guys, that’s all the discussion from about the Dream Nature Code of Lizards based on the old primbon and the Javanese erek erek.

So much and thank you.

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