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The Church Is Led By Personal Preferences and Selfish Desire Over Truth – A Changed Wife

Ken helped me write this!

Recently our pastor was preaching about biblical submission and authority in the Church. Ironically, the topic emerged from a sermon on the need for unity and mutual respect in humility in the body of Christ. Towards the end of his sermon, he explained that although unity is of paramount importance in the Church, unity at the expense of doctrinal clarity and the authority of God’s Word is futile. Imagine a Church that is simply “unified” at all costs to the point of allowing heresies and heresies to enter and mislead or hurt sheep?

Then he takes a sharp turn to address one of the most pressing and contentious issues in the Church today:

What is God’s plan for leadership in the Church?

To begin the matter, he explained that both man and woman were created in God’s image, and not only that, but both are joint heirs with Christ in the great salvation God has given us. There are no differences in personal equality between men and women in the Kingdom of God, but there are important differences in God’s design in their roles as clearly defined in God’s Word. Because from the beginning of time, Men were made to rule over creation and be providers and protectors, while women were made to be the helpers of Men.

He provides five concise and compelling points that prove that God has ordained man to occupy positions of leadership in the church and the home. (How grateful I am to have a pastor who is not afraid to speak the Truth about this issue!!!)

The first point is the definitive pattern established in the Old Testament. Ancestors, Elders, Priests, Judges, Kings, and Prophets, all OT structures for leadership prove that God’s will is male leadership. Yes, some women enter as minor exceptions to the rule of male leadership, but that cannot negate Israel’s harsh male leadership rule.

The second point, which has been little considered, is the manhood of Christ himself. It is no accident that Christ, the second Adam, came to earth to restore in mankind what was lost when Adam sinned and plunged all mankind into sin. God did not send His daughter, but His only begotten Son; The Word of God made flesh. God provided Himself as a perfect human and Lamb for the atonement for the sin offering. The firstborn son is an important concept in Judaism because it carries the meaning of redemption, prophetically looking forward to the Promised One of God, His Son, and not His daughter. The eldest sons receive a double share of the inheritance and the daughters do not as they have to depend on their husbands for provision and protection.

The third point is that Jesus, the One who came to “make all things new” and create new skins and a new way for mankind to relate to God, chose only humans to be His Apostles. These Apostles, like the twelve patriarchs, the sons of Jacob, were in a unique position for the launching of the Church age. They are all eyewitnesses of Christ and each one is specially chosen by Christ to be the foundation of the Church.

Some people like to argue that Jesus only chose men to be His twelve disciples and apostles because the culture at that time did not allow women to lead and rule. But since when did Jesus care about what other people thought of him? Or when did he simply follow the culture of time only to be righteous when he could easily choose a woman to be his apostle? Even when Judas had to be replaced, they chose a man to take his place. Later, Christ appeared to Saul and turned him into the faithful apostle Paul, an apostle that feminists disliked greatly.

Fourth, all New Testament church leaders must be men in the church. There are 16 qualities required for an elder, 13 for a deacon, and each is shown to be masculine, including the requirement that he be the “husband of one wife.” The scriptures are very clear that a Christian husband must be head of his wife and family, to lead them and care for them as Christ presided over and nourished His Church. It is impossible to imagine in God’s design that somehow a wife becomes an elder in the Church, leading her own husband under his spiritual authority, but at home living in obedience to his headship. God is not the creator of chaos, but of order.

Finally, male leadership throughout Church history has been the undisputed norm for 1,950 years, until the recent emergence of feminism. Hardly anyone in history has questioned what God has clearly designed for male authority in the Church and the home as counseled in His Word. Wouldn’t it be strange and troublesome if Christ could not make His Church conform to the will of His leadership until now, the last days, where personal preferences and selfish desires overpower God’s Word?

Then back to the initial premise of the sermon that we should seek unity in the Church, but what causes conflict and division is when personal preferences and selfish desires seek to overturn the Word of God on important matters such as the Church, family, authority, and leadership. . Those who wish to maintain their personal preference that women lead believe that culture is to blame for male leadership, but that before culture and time it was God who created men first, and then women from men to be his helpers. “He will rule over you” (Genesis 3:16) is God’s statement of what He meant before culture existed.

It all goes back to the Garden in many ways. “Did God say” (Genesis 3:1)? When the Church falls away, it is because personal preferences and selfish desires begin to overpower the Word of God. I go to a church where the pastor has a recent Christian College graduate come on stage and share his personal preferences and desires with the congregation. My husband came out of the service and then met with the pastor, asked him how he could get this young woman on stage and said, “My boyfriend and I have regular Bible studies and we decided that God doesn’t want to exclude women. from being elders and pastors in the Church.” They decided to reject the authority of God’s Word and obedience to God for what they wanted rather than what God commanded.

Once the slippery slope begins, there is no end to the destruction of God’s Word in almost every area of ​​obedience. There is less biblical evidence against homosexuality, premarital sex, divorce without adultery, pornography, and you name it, male leadership in the Church and the home does not apply. As soon as God’s Word was tampered with, everyone in the church started asking, “Did God say?” Personal preferences and feelings become more important than what God actually says in His Word.

Let me explain that there is no separate difference for the giving of the Spirit between men and women. God bestows His gifts, all His gifts to men and women alike for the building up of the body of Christ, but the gifts given to Christian women must be used within the limits of God’s Word. Men became elders and teachers for the Church, and women taught other women what God commanded which they taught in Titus 2:3-5. All female preachers and those who support them, do not listen to God and His Word but follow their own selfish desires. May God open their eyes before they meet Him face to face so that they can repent, turn around, and use the gifts He has given them for His glory and not for their own selfish ends. God has spoken, and now let us obey His Word.

Let the woman learn in silence with all submission. But I don’t let a woman teach, or take over authority over a man, but to keep quiet.
1 Timothy 2:12


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