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Bab 4454

If so, I’m sure everyone will be very dissatisfied.

And now, the mysterious kidnapper had actually killed these two bastards, what could be more fun than this?

As a result, people stopped calling these mysterious people kidnappers, but started calling them robbers and praising these robbers.

In the eyes of most netizens, if not for the mysterious group of thieves who kidnapped Fei Haoyang and exposed his crimes, then Fei Haoyang would not have been punished, but would have continued to mutilate innocent women.

Therefore, these robbers not only stopped the atrocities, but even sent the criminals to hell, it can be said that the service is limitless.

Since the video has become popular all over the Internet, there are also seven Chinese characters for good and evil in the end.

Many Americans who don’t understand Chinese are surprised to find the meaning of these seven characters on the Internet, and place these seven characters in their social media signatures.

In fact, many tattoo lovers call their tattoo artists in the morning and can’t wait to get these seven characters tattooed on their bodies.

At this time, Li Yalin, who had not slept all night, only made a cup of coffee to refresh himself.

He wanted to solve the case so much that he didn’t leave his office all night.

He was waiting expectantly for the results of his subordinate’s investigation. At this time, someone knocked on the door, and a subordinate rushed in frantically and said, “Detective, something has happened!”

Li Yalin, who had not slept all night, heard this, and immediately felt his big head. He hastily asked, “What happened again?”

The other party hastily said: “Fei Haoyang is dead! And that Qiao Feiyun, they are all dead!”

“What?!” Li Yalin asked in surprise when he heard this: “When did that happen?”

“Only just!” Another party explained: “A video just appeared on the Internet. In the video, Fei Haoyang and Qiao Feiyun have been cremated!”

Li Yalin’s brain was dizzy for a while, and he said quickly: “Quickly, let me see!”

The subordinate quickly handed over the phone, and on the screen was the video that had just been exposed.

After Li Yalin opened it, he saw the bodies of the two being pushed into the incinerator, and immediately scolded angrily: “This group of people is really amazing! We have blocked all escape routes for us!”

For Li Yalin, Fei Haoyang was kidnapped and he didn’t catch anyone, Fei Haoyang’s ears were cut off, but he didn’t catch anyone. Until so many of Fei Haoyang’s evil deeds were exposed, not only did he not notice it beforehand, but he didn’t either. Failing to catch anyone had cost him, and the entire New York police force, face loss.

The only way to get face back was to find a way to find the person who kidnapped Fei Haoyang, and then bring Fei Haoyang back for public trial.

Only in this way can the New York police find their last faces.

However, he did not expect that these kidnappers would be so vicious, they instantly killed Fei Haoyang and Qiao Feiyun!

This is equivalent to blocking more than half of the last New York police retreat!

From start to finish, the New York police failed to seize the opportunity and regain face. Now that Fei Haoyang was dead, Li Yalin felt that the only thing he could do was catch the kidnappers.

Only by catching the kidnappers can the NYPD be of use.

However, Li Yalin still had a worry in his heart, if he really found a clue, should he catch someone?

If you don’t arrest, the police will lose face and legal justice will be provoked;

But if they get caught, how do they explain it to the public?

After all, these kidnappers became knights in the eyes of the public. The police did not catch the bad guys, but did catch these knights in the end. People would definitely scold them to death.

At this moment, Li Yalin felt a splitting headache and didn’t know what to do.

The subordinate who was sent to investigate called at this time and said, “Boss, there is a clue!”

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