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The Black Rapper Who Saved The Girl Who Was Profileed By The Police Before Being Hailed As A Hero

We’ve always heard about the pitfalls of doing the wrong thing, but Brooklyn rapper Moise Morancy will tell you that doing good can also be a tough road.

Morancy was on bus Q53 in the Bronx when she saw something that made her stomach churn and her blood boil. per DailyMailshe said that there was a man who tried to caress a 15 year old girl, touched her inner thigh.

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Motivated to act, Morancy told the man to stop. That’s when the man lunged at him and a fight ensued. Morancy gets the best of him, grabbing the man as the other passengers start filming the fight.

“Never do that again, can you hear me? Don’t touch him again,” Morancy could be heard screaming.

Most of the time, no one stepped in to help. Instead, Morancy detained the man until the police arrived. However, the real rage is on its way.

Why Rapper Moise Morancy Was Arrested by Police

When police arrived, Morancy said the man “touched a little girl and I defended her.”

However, instead of shaking hands, the officers handcuffed him. Meanwhile, the suspect denies any wrongdoing and accuses Morancy of trying to kill him.

Morancy couldn’t believe it. “I was very confused and felt criminalized. Why did this happen to me? I was told that whatever the situation, I attacked him anyway,” he said.

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But because of the witnesses on the bus and their footage, the truth is revealed when the police remove the handcuffs and thank the bus hero. Meanwhile, 36-year-old Pablo Levano was arrested and charged with forced touching. Let’s hope this is the last bus trip he will take.

In an interview, Morancy said that an officer approached him with kind words.

“He let go of me, he said, ‘You were a hero and I was you 20 years ago’ and he ended up calling me a rose growing out of concrete, which is ironic because the girl gave me a rose.”

However, the acceptance of a true hero has yet to come.

How A Local Rapper Proves That Good Deeds Work

Shortly after, the police made major changes, awarding Morancy with the ‘Good Samaritan Award.’

Morancy, who has been profiled by police before, said the award changed his view. “I used to say I’m sure there are some good officers out there, but I’ve never met one. I can’t say that anymore. It’s great to have friends in the NYPD.”

To salute New York rap legend Nas posted bus video, captioned ‘He stepped.’

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Talking about her motivation for acting that day, Morancy said, “I got the desire to help people from my mother, she’s an activist. Helping people is in my DNA.” It is clear that his mother was successful in raising a good son.

Chances are, both Morancy and the cops learned a lesson that day. For the police, the lesson is not to be too quick to judge someone. For Morancy, there are a lot of good cops out there.

One thing is clear: By being a rose that grows through concrete, Morancy saves an innocent girl and reminds us that even though the path is hard, goodness always shines in the end.


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