The Best Korean Drama Semi Films of All Time That You Must Watch

The Best Korean Drama is one of the films that is highly anticipated by its fans, Of course it is not without reason, Apart from handsome actors and beautiful artists and wrapped with extraordinary acting, drama lovers always look forward to films from Korea, No exception semi korean movie.

On that basis, will provide a few references and information about the best semi-Korean films that are often tucked in with hot scenes. However, please note that this is not recommended for minors.

If there is a scene that occurs, it is used as a lesson only, because like it or not, such a thing will be experienced by every normal human being, including drama lovers.

Korean Bokeh videos contained in several semi-Korean films have attracted a lot of fans from drakor lovers

Well, without needing to linger, here are the recommendations for the best semi-Korean films that you must watch because the story in the film is very interesting.

1. The Concubine

We show The Concubine Deliberately at the beginning, because you can see for yourself how the action is in the trailer.

This film has a background in the era of the kingdom or dynasty, Like most other famous Korean films, this film has also become one of the best-selling Korean historical films of all time which was released in 2012.

This film tells the story of a love story that takes place around the kingdom. Many display erotic scenes which are not recommended for minors.

2. Portrait of a Beauty

Portrait of a Beauty is a film that tells the story of a girl disguised as a boy in order to fulfill her father’s dream.

Yun-jeong disguised as a brother came to school to become a painter like his father wanted.

This film is a dynasty genre that tells the story of a daughter from a painter’s family, Pretending to be her sister who died by suicide, Then this girl disguises herself as her sister in order to protect a family’s good name.

This semi-Korean film is very touching, but it is more or less inserted some hot scenes that are not recommended for early childhood.

3. Frozen Flower

The next film is still in the royal (historical) genre, this film tells the story of a king’s love story who loves the same sex, namely his personal bodyguard. The Empress encouraged the King to try to love her.

However, instead told the guard to sleep with his wife. The Empress actually really hated the bodyguard because it had captured the King’s attention.

In addition to showing many hot scenes, this film also tells the story of the same sex which was not common at that time.

4. Scarlet Innocence

The next film is Scarlet Innocence which tells of an illicit relationship between a lecturer and a teenage girl. The woman who was already pregnant, the lecturer moved and asked her to abort.

Many unfortunate events occur on each side and finally the girl returns after 8 years to take revenge. But when he met again with the lecturer, the lecturer was blind.

5. A Man and A Woman

Next there is the film A man and A woman, this semi-Korean film tells about the meeting of a wife and husband who both take their children to a needy camp school in Finland. The meeting continued in Korea and fell in love because both of them felt lonely in their domestic life.

This film has scenes that are quite vulgar. But if apart from the s3x footage, you can see the love in both of them who need each other but feel unable to build a complete relationship because of the family that must be taken care of.

6. A Muse

The next film is a muse which is adapted from a famous writer’s novel named Taman Bum-shin, telling the love story of a national poet who is in his 70s with a teenage girl. The unexpected meeting between the two sides brought new feelings from within. However, the relationship between the two received protests from the poet’s assistant.

This film is experiencing a lot of controversy because it tells the story of love with a long distance age. However, this film is a recommended film to watch for you, because the story is very interesting even though it seems difficult to find in real life.

7. Untold Scandal

Untold Scandal is a semi-Korean film that tells the story of a noble girl who bets on her cousin for sex. This romantic drama film is taken from the French novel Les Liaisons hazardeuses, and adapted in late 18th century Korea.

From the synopsis, it seems that this is highly recommended for those who are old enough, guys.

8. The Treacherous

This film tells the story of a king with a tyrannical attitude, who exploits the people for the satisfaction of his own lust. Contains various vulgar adult scenes, this film is played very boldly, Becomes a reference to watch

9. Love Lesson

Still about the hot relationship between the tutor and his own student, Love Lesson tells the story of Hee Soo, one of the composers who can’t finish a job well, his ideas just flow when he’s close to his students.

From just that piece of footage, it looks like there will be a Korean drama scene wik wik yes, watch the film soon so you understand the full story

10. Secret Love Affair

Secret Love Affair is the best Korean drama that tells about a forbidden love story, a pianist falls in love with his teacher. However, the teacher is already married. This film contains many scenes for adults, once again make sure that you are 18+ when watching semi-korean films.

Now that’s the best Korean drama film of all time that you can watch to fill your spare time during the pandemic, but once again it’s highly emphasized that these recommended films are one of the semi-Korean film genres.

So make sure that you are over 18 years old when you want to watch it, thank you.

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