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The best Android writing apps you should have on your mobile

Writing applications – Writing a thesis, research paper, or assignment involves a lot of time, focus, and research. Thirty years ago, doing articles meant spending a lot of time in a computer lab or library.

Today, the similar way is a little easier. All thanks to an article writing app that helps you complete several tasks and save your time.

Writing mobile apps for smartphones and Android features make it easier for consumers to fulfill various item obligations. This app helps with writing, improves time management and even helps you focus more.

The best writing apps on Android

Moreover, these are some of the best thesis, research paper or due diligence apps for Android that you should have on your Android and let’s see them together:

1. Microsoft Word

You can’t write an obligation without a speech processor. The word already has a lot of knowledge and is in every program. And this app is also available for Android.

There are many other mobile writing apps out there, but Word has managed to be a perfect fit. And this is very widely used. Finally, it’s easier to use for writing than using other apps.

Which may not match what your campus or lecturer is wearing. You can also write as you walk and jot down your ideas as they pop into your head. Click the Download link

2. Any. I DO

Any. do is for those who want to accomplish their task, but then find themselves stuck in a situation that steals their valuable time. Any. do is here to help organize all those tasks in one straightforward app. Any. can handle obligations as well as a reminder.

Any. It also has a calendar for agendas, which includes daily planners. An added bonus is if there is. nor do you want to keep a shopping record for you with your favorite formula. Download the link HERE

3. Time of salvation

For those who want a little boost beyond just scheduling responsibilities, RescueTime is there for those who can’t manage time. When you are exercising, playing games, or even watching movies.

RescueTime is a great encouragement to students who are still doing research or writing. But they create themselves overwhelmed by many things that lead to birth.

This mobile writing app will specifically track the amount of time you spend on specific tasks. RescueTime was also designed to keep people focused and out of trouble. Download link HERE

4. Mind map

Often, obligations can look like a monster with many legs, arms and heads. Everything that fills the mind of a person whose conclusion is aimed at blocking.

This prevents people from having right thoughts. With a Mindmap, you will be able to put pen to paper and complete a plan.

Mindmap is a writing application on HP that allows a person to collect those views and put them into a more reasonable and liberal method.

This method can organize all the views in one record. For those who don’t believe where to start, there are additionally instructions for newcomers. Download the link HERE

5. Mendel

Mendeley turned to experts who helped them learn their point of responsibility. And after that, develop it into an activity item. Mendeley allows you to create your own library, which you can access from anywhere.

Mendeley can also create references, excerpts, and even reference lists. Mainly for students who could use a little push to save time. Download the link HERE

6. WolframAlpha

This application is also available on the Android system. The best way to consider this software is as a comprehensive encyclopedia of any kind. Isn’t that just making it Wikipedia? T

not much. This mobile writing app is more like a smart Wikipedia. WolframAlpha is able to share expert-level answers to any question posed.

Wikipedia, on the other hand, is strictly read-only. WolframAlpha uses AI algorithms and software to answer problems that seem so unreal. Download the link HERE


This might not be one of the very best mobile writing apps. But this is the best option for students who have limited computing power and cannot afford many app subscriptions.

Paperity contains large files of articles, dailies, articles and even dissertations. This is considered open access to the Internet. Remember that this article is easily accessible online.

And it’s easy for plagiarism investigators to find it, so use it as a reference, but not as an incentive to plagiarize. DOWNLOAD LINK


Once your article is finished, it’s time to make recommendations, right? Grammar plays a role in doing this. Most people generally use online software that can create an account.

The best thing about Grammarly is the availability of free proofreaders. But those looking for really good articles may need to subscribe. Download HERE

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