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The Beginning After The End Chapter 162 Raw Scan English Spoiler Release Date

The new instructor for Arthur is named Wren and he looks to be producing higher power than the others so far. How will Wren work with Arthur in The Beginning After The End Chapter 162?

Wren, like the others, viewed humans as a lowly race that had little lifespan. He had no hope for Arthur and took various tests to check his abilities.

Windsom was looking at their training because they had only just gotten to know each other. He also helped Arthur in understanding a few more things about their clan.

Tests for spell magic, long range mana manipulation and elemental abilities had been carried out so far and Wren seemed to have taken it all into account.

Wren seemed to be using various numbers to record Arthur’s abilities. What was the meaning behind the numbers he marked all of them with?

While Arthur was frustrated with Wren, he still continued whatever he was told. In the process, he revealed a lot of information.

Beginning After End Chapter 162 Release Date

With each segment of Arthur’s training, a new secret is revealed. What other secrets will Asura reveal?

The Beginning After The End Chapter 162 will officially be released on Friday, September 30, 2022, on its official platform.

Fan scan released an English scan within hours of the official release. The official English translation is available on the official Tapas Media.

Arthur still had a long way to go in his training to become on par with Asura. Will his third training segment help Arthur gain a better understanding of his skills?

Lookism Chapter 416 and Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 69 will be published this week, read them as they come out.

TBATE Chapter 162: Discussion

The final chapter provides a lot of hints about the upcoming training while only revealing some minor information.

This has kept the reader hooked on this newly introduced character. What secrets will he reveal to himself in the upcoming The Beginning After The End Chapter 162?

Dragon Feather

The feathers on Asura’s wings consist of a certain type of scale with unique properties related to mana and ether.

Since they were born, they never let go of their wing feathers. Therefore, if any dragon voluntarily gives its own wing feathers, it is a form of trust and affection.

Dragon feather is a rare crafting material due to its significant properties.

Arthur realized the importance of what he had brought so far.

Arthur’s Training

Wren, Arthur’s new instructor is one of a kind and eager to find out Arthur’s potential from what he’s been through so far.

Wren started off by having Arthur use a basic spell of all the elements he could conjure while only allowing his right hand to cast spells.

Wren took the basic measurements and calculations of Arthur’s elemental abilities which were crucial when dealing with enemies on a mass scale.

Wren has the ability to conjure golems and depending on his complexity, he can conjure close to a thousand or more. Arthur had to face this golem using his spell.

Arthur began his training in long-range mana manipulation analysis with the help of the golems that Wren conjured. He used all the elements, spells, and Realmheart to put all his might into his training.

Wren was satisfied with Arthur’s mana manipulation ability and then moved next to the physical ability. Arthur is usually proficient in the sword but his training with Kordri allows him to learn combat as well.

Wren seemed to only be testing Arthur to gauge the range of his strength, how did he plan to improve Arthur in the areas that were lacking in The Beginning After The End Chapter 162?

Arthur’s Sword

Arthur was almost an expert in swordplay and he had even gotten his hands on a compatible weapon before, a sword that only he could draw.

This is a matter of pride for him and becomes very important. He felt that only people with the highest abilities could use it because the sword had been unsheathed by anyone so far.

When Wren asked Arthur to show him his main weapon, Arthur was convinced that it was a special sword worthy of praise.

But Wren laughed heartily and asked Windsom if he knew about the sword when he asked Wren to train it, which he thought he had a clue.

Wren effortlessly drew a sword that no one could open which took Arthur by surprise. He thought that it might just be because he was an Asura, a higher being, the reason for his achievements.

The origin of the sword is then revealed. It was a sword made by Wren.

Now the question arises – Is it a special sword because the maker is Asura? Wren seemed pretty sure about Arthur when he saw the sword.

What will be revealed about the sword in The Beginning After The End Chapter 162?

Wren seemed like a difficult character to satisfy but he was a little impressed by Arthur’s abilities and intelligence. Will Wren have the good intentions of teaching Arthur something new like Myre or will he get what they fall within the limits of their training?

The Beginning After The End Chapter 162 continues with Wren and Arthur’s third training segment while also revealing more information about a few things.


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