The Beauty History of Sianok Agam Canyon, West Sumatra and Location Map

The beauty of the Sianok Agam canyon, West Sumatra
See the view of the steep cliffs along more than 15 km, take selfies with the family.
Opening hours
Ticket price Rp. 15.000
Contact 07.00–18.00
Address Jl. Panorama, Bukit Cangang Kayu Ramang, Guguk Panjang, Agam Regency, West Sumatra 26138

Sianok Gorge Location Map

West Sumatra is known for its highland areas with hilly land contours and is equipped with valleys. In addition to the beautiful panorama of Lake Singkarak, the natural charm of West Sumatra is also known from the beauty of the Sianok canyon cliffs which are located in the center of the high hill city. Sianok canyon is a narrow valley surrounded by hills. This place used to exist as a result of natural disasters, namely the shift of the earth’s plates that made the ground crack with steep cliffs.

Gorgeous Sianok Gorge, Padang
Beautiful Sianok Gorge Street Sianok Gorge Sianok Canyon during the Doeloe era Sianok Cliff Gorge Small Edge Sianok Canyon Sianok canyon The Enchantment of Sianok Canyon

The photo and video gallery of Ngarai Sianok above will help you imagine what it would be like if you were in that location.

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