The BBC apologizes for inadvertently labeling the MU club as rubbish

LONDON: Television station BBC apologize following two headlines that appeared on the screen of the news channel which among others labeled the club `Manchester United (MU) as rubbish ‘.

Another headline with ‘rainy weather everywhere’ was also featured on the news channel.

Report Daily Mailthe insulting headline appeared at the bottom of the screen at 9.35am (local time) during a sports news broadcast about tennis.

“When reports of a French Open tennis match were shown on television, the headline` Manchester United is rubbish ‘appeared at the bottom of the screen.

“It was followed by the headline` rainy weather everywhere ‘which brought confusion among the audience, “the report explained.

About two hours later, a newscaster BBCAnnita Mcveigh apologizes for the mistakes and any wrongdoings inflicted among MU supporters.

According to Mcveigh, the mistake was made by a trainee who was being taught how to use ticker.

“You may have noticed something quite unusual about the news that commented on Manchester United, and I hope MU fans are not offended by that.

“Let me explain what goes on behind the scenes, someone is practicing to learn how to use ticker and the way of putting text on it, they don’t mean to convey the thing but just write random things and words like that appear in the news.

“Therefore, we apologize if you are offended and you yourself are a MU fan. It was a mistake and was not done intentionally to be displayed on the screen, ”he said.

Meanwhile, BBC through a statement to a news agency PA informed there was a technical glitch during training with the ticker test, which switched to live programming for a few seconds.

“We apologize for any mistakes,” he said.

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