The 9 Most Advanced Android Apps You Must Have

Today, the Google play store is the place where you can find millions of the most advanced Android apps. Starting from a song player application to applications that can help you such as a recipe application. Everything you can find there.

Android is indeed a form of technological development that is always evolving with the times. Offering a lot of sophistication makes many new applications appear and useful for you.

With the sophistication that has been offered, it is not surprising that many people are looking for sophisticated android applications to support various activities.

This time we will review some of the most widely used Android applications to date. With amazing technological sophistication, these various applications can provide features that you may have never known or imagined before.

List of the Most Advanced Android Applications Today

A sophisticated smartphone is not only because of its specifications, but because it is also supported by the applications in it.

There are lots of the most advanced android applications ranging from game applications, cameras, editing applications and so on.

Of course, each application has its own uniqueness. Here are some applications that you must have.

1. Clap To Find

This android application is called Clap To Find. This is a powerful application that can find the location of your smartphone by clapping your hands.

You did not read it wrong, when you activate this application whenever you clap, the smartphone will respond and turn on the alarm. This is a sign of where the smartphone is located.

2. Hide It Pro

For this application, it is said that it can hide various important files on a smartphone without other people knowing. Because once downloaded the application will turn into an audio manager application.

And it can function as a manager without people knowing that it’s an application to hide your private files. Even more sophisticated, this application can hide applications without being noticed even without being detected by the application manager directory.

3. Netcut

The next most advanced android application is called netcut. Its function may be very helpful, but it can also be detrimental to other people.

Netcut functions to control and disconnect other wifi users on the same network. In other words if you need more connection, then you can disconnect other users and use the wifi alone.

This is of course very helpful for you, but it will harm others. So don’t misuse it, for example when you’re in a public place you can’t use it alone.

4. Smart Tools

In accordance with the name of the application, smart tools is indeed a smart and complete application. Only by using one application you can do various things.

Like measuring length with a tape measure and ruler. Not only that, one of the most advanced android applications is also equipped with a light feature to be used as a flashlight.

There’s more if you want to know other features such as location features, stopwatch, mirror, metal detector and so on. If you want to have this application immediately get the free application.

5. Parallel space

Parallel Space is one of the applications that can be found easily in the play store. This application is very useful and serves to duplicate the existing applications on your smartphone.

By using this most advanced android application, you can run 2 whatsapp or 2 mobile legend accounts at once in 1 smartphone. Of course this is perfect for those of you who need it.

For example, you need two whatsapps, one for personal use and the other for other purposes.

6. True Caller

This one application can block calls from various unwanted numbers. When you get an unknown call or don’t want to be bothered by an ex’s number.

You can block it by using this application even in addition to your phone you can also block the SMS service.

7. Inquire

For this one application, we admit that it has very good quality and can help you. By using this inkwire application you can share the screen.

This means that you can display the screen display on the cellphone on the screen of other Android phones. But both Android phones must have the inkwire application first.

The method is very easy, you just need to connect each android device that you want to share, then enter the code. This process is complete and you can see each other’s android screen display.

8. Dashlane Pasword Manager

This type of application has a rather strange function, which makes it easier for you to be able to track your passwords and also the information you use on the internet. The trick is to save the password in Dashlane.

By saving it in this application, you don’t have to bother entering a password when you want to visit certain sites. In other words, there is also no need to be afraid of forgetting the password if you have saved it in this application.


This one application is certainly not inferior to various other most sophisticated Android applications. It is a simple and simple application but it can really help you.

A little information about this IFTTT application has collaborated with various other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Drive and others. Thus, it will certainly make it easier to perform activities on other applications.

In addition, by using this most advanced android application, your activities will be more helpful and save your time more. So immediately have this android application on your smartphone and feel the benefits.

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