TG BOX APK Money Earner Pay What Scam?

TG BOX APK Money Maker Pays What Scams – There is a new money generator that provides an easy way of earning profits.

This latest money maker is called TG Box Apk where users can take advantage of this money-making application to earn money online.

Lately, there have been many popular moneymakers such as Signal Coins Apk and so on.

However, the mission of TG BOX APK is different and to find out more information, you can read this article to the end.

So that later you can find out in full from the registration process to payment.

That way you won’t hesitate to decide whether to try using it or not.

What is TG BOX APK?

TG BOX APK is the latest money maker with easy missions to do but still in the form of a website.

Because in the google playstore there is no application released, to register it is necessary to enter the site from the TG BOX APK.

One of the missions provided in this money maker is to place orders or shop online.

There are many categories of items that can be purchased in this TG BOX APK which when you cancel the transaction or return the item you will get a profit.

For the commission profit that you will receive from this TG Box Apk, it comes from investment interest or from advertisements after buying goods.

There are cheap items that you can order, such as for only Rp. 20,000 and for high prices it can be up to millions of rupiah.

How to Register TG BOX APK Money Maker

If you are interested in using it, you can register an account first so you can see some of the available features and the following is a complete method.

  1. Please go to the TG BOX APK site
  2. Then you will be directed to register by entering the invitation code
  3. After that enter the username
  4. Next, enter your phone number
  5. Enter WhatsApp number
  6. Then create an account password
  7. Confirm password
  8. You will also be asked to create a withdrawal password
  9. The last time you click send
  10. Done

Even though you are asked to enter a cellphone number and also a WA number, you will not need to verify your account.

How to Earn Money from TG BOX APK

When you have successfully registered, you can use this TG BOX APK to make money with the following tasks:

1. Place an Order

The main mission of this TG BOX APK is to place an order for goods and later you will benefit from the results of refunding goods so that you will get a commission.

The percentage of profit that you will get from each user level will vary from 0.1% to 87.6%.

The way to cancel an order is by clicking the box cupboard menu and going to delayed delivery, then you click goods and click recycle.

2. Opening Advertising Gift box

You have the opportunity to open the gift box when you want to checkout the goods or on the left side of the advertising gift box screen.

For purchases of goods at a price of Rp. 200,000, you will get the opportunity to open the gift box 10 times with a prize of Rp. 1000 per box.

This means that when you make a deposit of 200 thousand rupiah, you will get a daily profit of 10 thousand rupiah.

3. Invite Friends

Free missions that you can do is invite friends so that later you will get a commission.

You just share the invite link link with friends and so on to join, register and use this TG BOX APK money maker.

The profit you will get can reach 60 thousand rupiah, but with a note that your friend places an order.

Your friends and you both get benefits starting from 60 thousand rupiah and so on with a larger nominal.

How to Withdraw from TG BOX APK

After you already have enough balance to withdraw, you can withdraw with the following steps:

  • You click my menu and click draw
  • Then fill in the requested withdrawal information and click confirm
  • Next you click add and select bank
  • Then you can click send when everything is filled in
  • After that you return to the interesting menu
  • Enter withdrawal amount
  • Click submit and done

Is TG BOX APK Safe and Proven to Pay?

After the Admin saw some user reviews, it turned out that there were already people who actually got payments from this TG BOX APK.

It’s just that for this kind of money maker it will prove to pay at the beginning and after that it will usually be a scam too.

What you also need to know is that this TG BOX APK is not a money maker that is 100% safe to use because it contains a money deposit scheme and is not registered with the OJK.

So if you are interested in using it, you need to understand all the risks that are most likely to happen, such as a sudden scam.

The final word

That’s the discussion about the latest money-making TG BOX APK 2022 that Admin can convey for you.

Thank you for your visit and see you in the next article with different and updated information.

That’s enough and hopefully useful.

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