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BNI Online Credit Card App is here to provide many solutions for BNI Credit Card holders. It can be said that this service is a new innovation that many are waiting for through its existence along with the growing need for digital transactions.

There is no need to worry for those who do not have a BNI credit card, because you can apply for it directly through the BNI Online credit card application. In this way, customers will not have to bother to come to the branch office.

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Let’s just have a look at the full discussion about this BNI credit card app, including the features, terms and methods of applying along with the app download link.

What is a BNI credit card?

BNI Credit Card is a credit facility provided to customers in the form of cards issued by BNI Bank.

There are different types of cards offered to suit customers’ needs and lifestyle. In a regular credit card line, there are several options including BNI Visa Infinite, BNI Visa Signature, BNI Visa Platinum, BNI MasterCard World, BNI JBC Precious, BNI Style Titanium, BNI Silver-Gold Card, and BNI Business Card American Express.

This credit card service continues to improve. One of them is to submit a BNI credit card application which can now be used for free.

How do you benefit from it? easy. First, make sure you meet the specific requirements. Then, submit an application. After the application is accepted, you can enjoy BNI credit card application service that will make your daily credit card activities easier.

We will describe the requirements and how to apply for them in the discussion below, complete with information on how to easily apply for a BNI credit card online for those without one.

Terms and how to apply for a BNI Online credit card

1. Apply for a BNI Online Credit Card

This discussion of BNI Online Credit Card Application terms and conditions is for those of you who are already registered as a BNI Credit Card customer and wish to use the BNI Online Credit Card Application.

Requirements for this submission include:

  • Using your Android device or iPhone
  • 1 BNI Online credit card account in the app is only valid for one smartphone device
  • You have an active credit card
  • He is the main holder of BNI Visa, MasterCard and JBC credit cards (excluding corporate and Hassana cards)
  • Register and create a password with the BNI credit card app

Well, the last requirement is that BNI credit card customers must register to generate passwords through the BNI Online credit card application. Here are the steps:

  • Download the BNI Online Credit Card App (link below)
  • Open the app and click on the New Record button
  • Select the OK button
  • Enter the BNI credit card information you want to register in the app
  • Enter the 6-digit credit card PIN
  • Enter the OTP number sent by BNI to the mobile phone number registered in the BNI credit card system
  • Enter an active email
  • Create a password to login on your BNI credit card application
  • When done, log in with the password that was generated

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2. Apply for a new credit card online

Previously, how to apply for a BNI credit card account was explained in the application. Next is the application method specifically intended for potential new credit card holders.

There is no need to worry because applications can be submitted online with a BNI credit card application.

There are several general requirements that must be met before applying for a credit card, which are as follows:

  • Indonesian citizens in the age group from 21 to 65 years
  • Maximum income in one year IDR 36 million
  • Copy of ID (e-KTP / SIM / Passport)
  • Attach KIM / KITAR special for foreigners
  • For employees attach proof of income (salary slip/SPT/others) for professionals Attach professional license for entrepreneurs Attach copy of deed of incorporation/SIUP/TDP
  • For other credit card holders, they are at least 17 years old and provide information about other credit card numbers
  • A copy of TIN

After everything is done, proceed with How to Apply for a BNI Credit Card Online
as follows:

  • Download the BNI Online App (link will be provided below)
  • Enter my credit card list
  • Click Link Apply Now
  • Fill in all the required information
  • Submission complete

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If you are having difficulty applying for a BNI credit card, you can contact the BNI Call at 1500046.

How to Check BNI Online Credit Card Application Status

To make sure that the status of the credit card account in the application is active, you only need to do the following two steps:

  • Call the BNI Customer Center on 1500046 during working hours
  • Waiting for confirmation up to 14 working days

To avoid fraud and unwanted stuff, never inform anyone of your OTP number, even to BNI CS.

Download the BNI Online Credit Card App

Previously, you already knew the requirements and steps for applying for a credit card, both in the application and in introducing a new credit card to the customer.

1. BNI Online credit card order for old customers

To place a credit card application, use the BNI Credit Card Mobile application by clicking on one of the following links depending on the operating system used by the smartphone device.

BNI Credit Card Mobile for Android

BNI Credit Card Mobile for iPhone

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2. BNI Online credit card order for new customers

Meanwhile, for those of you who are a first time BNI credit card customer, use the BNI Mobile Banking app.

BNI Mobile Banking for Android

BNI Mobile Banking for iPhone

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3. Other Information BNI Online Credit Card Application

The credit card features in the BNI mobile banking app are very limited, which is only related to credit card information. If you want a more complete credit card service, use the BNI Credit Card mobile app. Available premium services include:

  1. Credit card and billing information for the last 3 months
  2. Open History Transactions
  3. Convert transactions to installments
  4. Pendaftaran BNI . Bill Payment
  5. Credit card limit increase
  6. Add another credit card in your name / in the same name of the customer
  7. Card feature application for new BNI credit card users
  8. Referral Features
  9. Complete the BNI Credit Card Promotional Information
  10. ATM location information, branch offices, agents
  11. ranking

Download BNI Syariah Bank Online Credit Card Application

BNI also has interest-free Shariah credit card services which are in high demand by Muslim clients. The method of application is different from the tutorial described above. This is because the service has been taken over by BSI (Sharia Bank Indonesia) which consists of BNI Syariah, BRI Syariah and Bank Mandiri Syariah.

The application is made separately through the online digital application form for the Hasana Card through the application site of BSI Bank.

So this was the information about the BNI credit card application that also discussed the requirements and how to apply.

With this app, all credit card needs can only be accessed in the grip of a smartphone. Therefore, customers do not have to bother to visit the time-consuming BNI branch offices.

Just adjust the usage of the app to your needs. If you want complete credit card service, use the BNI Credit Card Mobile App.

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