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Terms and How to Register a Shopee Food Merchant without a TIN – Seeking Profits by Utilizing Technological Developments by Registering with Shopee Food, technological developments that are currently happening in the world provide many significant changes to people’s lives and lifestyle habits. it is not surprising that people have more modern and more instant lifestyle habits than people who lived in the era before millennials.

If you look at it with the naked eye, there are now many products or services that take advantage of technological developments as the main supporting factor to continue to operate in the midst of people’s lives. It is undeniable that the presence of technology makes people’s lives more effective and efficient in terms of time, effort, and cost. In this way, people’s lives will be much better than the previous era because human needs can be met properly and quickly.

Because of advanced and sophisticated technology, there are currently various services that can pamper the millennial community. Starting from transportation, delivery of parcels by courier, or very instant food delivery without making us leave the house or waiting for a boring queue.

In terms of food order delivery services, various applications have emerged that are willing to comply with all the wishes of the customer. With a smartphone plus quota and network stability, you can taste the facilities resulting from the development of this one technology.

Get to know Shopee Food, One of the Most Pampering Services

When discussing Shopee Food, most people will wonder what Shopee Food is? What are the advantages of using or registering Shopee Food? Shopee Food is a food delivery service that is officially managed by Shopee.

Previously, Shopee only provided an online marketplace, now Shopee is developing an online marketplace by adding facilities in the form of food delivery services.

Like other food delivery services, Shopee Food has a way of working, namely when a customer orders food at a place to eat listed on Shopee Food, then the Shopee Food driver will come to the place to eat that you choose to order the order you want.

After the food has been prepared and packaged, the next step is that the driver will deliver the food directly to the location where you live. Wow, very easy and very practical.

Benefits of Registering Shopee Food

As we know, Shopee Food can run optimally on the condition that two main supporting factors are met. These two main supporting factors consist of food providers or commonly called Merchants, and Drivers who must be ready to deliver food orders from customers.

Becoming a Shopee Food Merchant or Shopee Food Driver both provide mutual benefits. The first discussion about the benefits of being a Shopee Food Merchant is:

  1. Disseminate food products managed by Merchant
  2. Accelerating business growth that is being pioneered by Merchant
  3. Provide faster profits, because the more customers who know about the food products made, the more customers who order and subscribe to continue to enjoy the food made by the Merchant
  4. Merchants have the opportunity to take part in a promo program held by Shopee Food, so Merchants have the opportunity to attract more customers
  5. Merchants don’t need to worry about paying, because Shopee Food guarantees payment security.

Not only does it provide benefits for the Merchant, but the drivers who have to fight against the heat of the sun, the cold night air, also have the opportunity to make a profit. By becoming a shopee Food driver, drivers can earn money and tips given by customers. The more customers who order the more benefits that will be obtained.

How to Register a Shopee Food Merchant

If you have talent and interest in the culinary business, then you must join as a Shopee Food Merchant. In addition to your talents and interests being channeled well, you also have a great opportunity to reap profits and success. If you want to register as a Merchant food, you can do the following:

Private Owned Business Terms:

  1. Prospective applicants are required to have an ID card or Limited Stay Permit Card (KITAS)
  2. Have SKPP (Letter of Confirmation of Taxable Entrepreneur)
  3. Have NPWPD (Local Taxpayer Identification Number)
  4. Passbook photo

Legal Entity Business Requirements:

  1. Have an KTP or KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card)
  2. Have a SIUP or TDUP whose contents are related to trading business licensing
  3. Have NPWP (Taxpayer Number)
  4. Have NIB or TDP (Company Registration Certificate)
  5. Have a domicile certificate
  6. Have a valid deed of business establishment
  7. Passbook photo

Please take a look at the mandatory requirements above according to the business you are going to start. After the above is fulfilled, the next steps are:

  1. Fill out the Registration Form according to the instructions given
  2. If you have filled out the registration form correctly and completely, the next step is for you to wait for Shopee Food to confirm the registration form that you have previously completed carefully for the next 5 to 7 days.
  3. If you have received news regarding the confirmation of the registration form by the Shopee food team, the next step is to complete the PKS (Cooperation Agreement) form.
  4. Make sure when filling in the MCC the data you have entered is correct. if it has been filled in, you can send the PKS via the official Shopee Food E-mail using a softfile or you can directly visit the Shopee Food office to send the hardfile file.
  5. If the document has been received by Shopee food, then within 15 days the Team will visit the Merchant to activate it while ensuring that the registration process carried out by the Merchant is successful. The team will provide material or teaching to Merchants related to promotions and active QR codes in the form of stickers for payment via ShopeePay. The team also provides Merchant education to login and manage account activation. Done.

Merchant parties are required to follow all general provisions of the menu at Shopee Food such as food names and photos according to the original images, writing word names that do not contain abbreviations, and so on. The goal is that customers do not feel disappointed due to products that do not match the Shopee Food menu catalog.

Terms of Registering Shopee Food Driver

To become a Shopee food driver, it turns out that there are special requirements that must be met, including:

  1. Have an active ID card
  2. Have an active SIM C
  3. Have a minimum STNK. In 2012
  4. Have SKCK (can follow)
  5. Have a savings account with the account name according to the ID card
  6. Have an active E-mail address
  7. Have an active mobile number.
  8. Fill in the Registration Form
  9. Visit the Shopee Food driver service office for Verification and Training
  10. Done

Pretty easy and simple right? By joining the Shopee food section, the benefits can be shared for both Merchants, Drivers, and Customers.

Those are some brief reviews related to Seeking Profits by Utilizing Technological Developments by Registering Shopee Food.


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